Would You Believe it… Sixteen Months

Dear Elisha,

Well we missed a few months there didn’t we. Sorry about that. But we’re back on schedule for the moment. Let’s see how many in a row we can get this time.

There have been quite a few developments in the last month or so. Let me start with my least favourite of them – The Temper Tantrum (TT). Yes it deserves to be capitalised. The TT erupted from the highchair when I put your bowl of cereal on my placemat instead of on your tray. Hoo boy, what a scene. I didn’t want to give you the bowl when you were carrying on the way you were, so tried a variety of methods to get you to calm down. None of them worked. What did happen however was I got extremely frustrated and in the end I had to remove you from your chair and put you in your cot, to put some distance between us. TT continued. When I had calmed down sufficiently I let you out of the cot. TT continued on the bedroom floor. I went back to the dining room. You followed me, TT continuing. Eventually you realised that tantrum throwing wasn’t getting you what you wanted, and it was a lot of hard work, and stopped.

We haven’t seen the return of the full blown TT yet, and I hope not to ever again. I wonder what the odds are.

Another not so pleasant thing you have started to do is hit yourself on the face when you get frustrated. Usually once or twice, and not too hard, but it does distress me. Probably me more than you, or you’d have stopped it by now.

Moving away from the unpleasantries now to lighter more satisfying accomplishments.

You have well and truly got the hang of this walking thing now, and in the last few days even worked out that you don’t need to pull up on something to get into the standing position, but can get up on your own strength. And of course with walking come shoes. You are now the very proud owner of a pair of brown Dakota sandles.

From one end straight to the other – your ability to say things is growing in leaps and bounds. Daddy and I have to be careful of what we say now, as quite often you will pick a word and have a go at repeating it. Of course when we ask you to say it again you have no idea what we’re talking about.

Here’s a list of your vocab (that I can bring to mind right now):
Daddy – Dadda
Mummy – Mumma
Kitty – Tootoo
Duck (and Quack) – Kuck
Amen – Maman
Nan – Nan
Pop – Bo
Gran – cannot work out how to type it
Baby – Bubba
Up – U
Ball – Baw
More – Mo-ore
No – Nononononono
Riley – see Gran
Shower – Fower
Shoes – Shoes
Swing – Sw
Fish – Sha

That’s all I can think of right now, though there are probably another one or two floating around somewhere in this memory of mine. (Yes as soon as I typed that I remembered several more).

When you play with your toys there is a lot more interaction going on. Rather than just banging the toy on the floor or only sticking it in your mouth you now build blocks, or walk little people around making cute walkie noises, or roll/kick the ball. It is a real joy to watch you play.

Right now you have a toy that used to be mine, it is a miniature broom, and you are busily sweeping the rug with it. Thank you darling. I’m going to get the camera and take a picture.

to be continued soon

I Fixed It, I Fixed It

So, did you miss me. Well if you want to let me know you’ll have to e-mail me (and please do sometime, it’s nice to know people read this), because comments are OFF, and staying off until I can figure something better out. Those darn comment spammers got me closed down.

But I’m back now.

Lots to say, no time to say it at the moment.

Brett has been in Singapore for r a few days for a conference, meanwhile, mum & dad a and I, and cary on tuesday, have been very busy doing a secret “rennovation rescue”. He’s coming home tonight (read tomorrow morning, at some terrible hour), and I’m sure the look on his face IF he realises will be priceless. Pity I’m going to be asleep!

Elisha has been mimicking so much the last few days. TOday he grabbed a big teddy from somewhere, and brought it to me, and I sais something quite enthusiastically about the teddy bear, and he said quite cleary “teddy bear”. Pity he never says these things more than once.

Very tired, as you can tell by the fact that I’m not fixing my typos… nighty night.

Elisha and I picked up his shoes from the shops yesterday, and today for the first time he wore shoes. I was surprised at how easily he adapted. Sure he couldn’t walk all that well, but at least he was willing to give it a go. He wore them to church and kept them on until we got home again.