Mmmmmm Bernie’s

This afternoon we called Brett’s parents to see if they wanted to go on a picnic with us to Point Walter, with a Bernie’s kebab. Mmm. Yum. Bernie’s make the best kebabs. If you know where Maccas on Canning Highway is, it is just across the road, and I would highly recommend you try it sometime.

Anyway, we bundled ourselves into the car to go to his folks place from where we were goign to set out; only to discover that we had no keys with us. Brett hadn’t pocketed his. I had left mine as I didn’t want to carry too much stuff with me, and I hadn’t even bothered to ask Brett if he had keys, which I normally do when I don’t bring mine.

So we were locked out. And I hadn’t brought my phone. That’ll teach me.

It took knocking at three neighbours before Brett found one who was home, and he called mum and dad, and they came over with their spare key for our house. Phew.

So apart from that minor hiccup everything went beautifully. And Bernie didn’t disappoint. He never does.

Go Me!

Well got most of the Christmas shopping done today. Now I just have to make everything! I wonder if a week is enough time to do it. Only the week will tell I guess.

Elisha came on the shopping extravaganza, and it lasted quite some time, as fortunately did he. He was quite well behaved the whole trip. Which is a good thing, because he ended up taking issue with his dinner, and we were able to blame it on the fact that he was so tired from being so good while shopping. How do you teach a child to eat their food, not throw it, without laughing?

It’s now a few hours since we got home, more than a few actually, and I still haven’t finished unpacking it all. I couldn’t believe how sore my feet were from walking around. I think it must have been because I don’t normally wear any sort of a heel on my shoes at all, and these ones had small heels. Only reason I can think of.

Two more mornings at Curves before I have to have my weigh and measure. Hmmm, better knuckle down and be good ’til then.

Just Call Me Eb

Still no Christmas decorations up at our house. Unless you count the tupperware containers that stack on top of each other and make a snowman/santa. I am the queen of procrastination. I don’t know why I do it, or harldy even how. I always seem to be doing something, and even though I do spend a lot of time on the computer, I also spend a lot of time doing other stuff.

A couple of weeks ago I was doing really well, feeling very motivated about everything, but even then I think I knew that it was too good to last, and it has most definitely worn off now. I’ll have to see if I can find it hiding in a corner or something, because I certainly could do with it.

Had a lovely albeit busy day today. My intention was to go shopping early this morning after going to Curves, but somehow I ended up going and coming home late, so that by the time I got back it was almost time for Elisha’s nap. And we were going out for lunch, so I couldn’t put him down too late, as that would mean that he would sleep past the time that we needed to leave. So the shopping didn’t get done AGAIN. I normally do our grocery shopping on a Wednesday. So this means that we are scraping the bottom of the barrell in all departments at the moment. Tomorrow I must go and do the shopping.

Out for lunch at Ezra’s house. Yum, yum and Yummo! Beautiful indian style cuisine that Ezra’s mum made and it was absolutely delicious. Think I’ll have to find me a recipe for lassi too. I’ve always been to chicken to try it, but boy, it was good. Elisha had some too, and he rather enjoyed it. We left after his nap time, and he was getting quite ratty. When we first arrived he was rather enamoured with the fibre optic Christmas tree, but well behaved enough not to touch it. By the time we left he was sticking his little hands in it at every opportunity he could. Amazing how much tiredness modifies his behaviour. Not that that is an excuse mind you.

Took him home, put him straight to bed. He fussed for a while but settled relatively quickly, and then didn’t get up until we were supposed to be somewhere, even though I went down that end of the house and made noise specifically to wake him up.

So off the the Mount Henry Tavern for “beer o-clock” with Chris and Kerryn. Where Elisha made multiple escape attempts, enjoyed flirting with himself in the window, tried on various pairs of sunglasses and ate a whole bunch of chips.

We didn’t leave there until his bed time, and then after various activities at home it was nearly an hour after by the time he was finally in.

I wonder if this means I get a sleep in, or if it means we get an extra grumpy boy tomorrow.

Countdown is really on now

Hoo boy, I can’t believe that it is only ten days ’til Christmas. I have got to get a wriggle on. Most of our presents this year are hand made, and I have finished all of one. So many still to go.

Two are half done.

I think I know what I’m doing the next two Saturdays.

Have just finished reading Additive Alert. And now on top of getting ready for Christmas I am also going to be reading all the food labels of ingredients I buy. I cannot believe what is put into our food, and how naively we just eat it. Click here to learn more.

It is a little overwhelming. But I think I’ll just find foods that are good slowly. I think that means I am also going to have to shop for specials a lot more, because most of the good foods (I am guessing) will also be the more expensive foods.

Does anybody know where I can get organic vegetables?


Boy, I’m not doing so well with this daily thing. Please don’t kick me off the list. I’ll try to do better. I promise.

Yesterday I didn’t post, because I didn’t even turn the computer on. Yes, you read that correctly. I did not turn the computer on. After church and Elisha’s morning nap we went to help my brother move house.

Moving house. It’s something I love and hate all at the same time. I hate packing because it’s so time consuming and it’s sad to see the house become empty. But I love it because you discover all sorts of hidden bounty, and it is a great opportunity for clearing out all that unwanted junk that inevitably gets stashed in crevices around the house. I think the hate probably outweighs the love though. And I certainly hope that we don’t have to move any time soon.

When we left to come home last night my three year old (well almost three) nephew wanted to go home too. It was very sad. I hope he and his brother settle into their new home very soon.

Elisha had a great time playing with them and the dogs and the sand in the back yard. He spent a long time sitting on the edge of a small hole near the path, just picking up handfuls of dirt and letting the sand fall through his fingers.

The last few nights he has been throwing food and exclaiming “No” quite loudly. This tends to happen if there is food of a type he does not want to eat (lettuce was the one tonight) or he’s had enough. We had to put him in the hall for a time out tonight. Partly because he’d been throwing an awful lot of food, and partly because Brett and I were unable to keep from laughing any longer. How oh, how do you discipline a child when you can’t even keep a straight face. Something to work on I think. The old poker face.

The Busy Day (that ended up being not so busy)

Today was our busy day in the week. Wedding to go to, two year old birthday party to go to, and carol service.

Went to wedding. Note, also went to shops before wedding, to buy wedding present and birthday present. Wedding was lovely. Came home had lunch. And for Elisha and I that was it. We skipped the birthday party – Sorry Rachel. And only Brett went to the carols service.

Oh well, so much for being busy.

The wedding was a bit hard. Lots of babies (more about this subject another day, not right now). But by the time I got home I was exhausted, so after lunch Elisha went down for his nap, and so did I! And I fell very asleep.

Brett went out to help set up for the carols.

What a boring entry. 🙂

It’s A Screaming Good Life

This afternoon we had a doctor’s appointment. Just some general fluff, and, we all had to have injections. Brett and I for whooping cough, Elisha for pneumonia. Elisha screamed more having his temperature tested than he did having the injection. And he screamed EVEN more when Brett had his ears checked. Yes, you read that right, when Brett had HIS ears checked. Nothing to do with Elisha, other than he was sitting in Brett’s lap.

While we were away in Melbourne Elisha developed an ear infection. I thought he was teething, except his temperatures were getting higher every morning, and he was quite listless, so I took him to the doctor. Who checked his ears. Which must have hurt. Well I surmise that from the reaction that Elisha had. Can you guess? That’s right. He Screamed. Loudly. Later that same week after he had completed his course of antibiotics we had to return to the doctors to get his ears checked just to make sure we were okay to fly in the next few days. Elisha quite happily played in the waiting room. He quite happily walked to the doctor’s office. As he stepped through the door he realised where he was. And turned about face and marched himself right out. And of course screamed when we did get him in there and had his ears checked.

Now when I say Elisha screamed today when he had his temperature taken, that was done in his ear, and also when he screamed while Brett was having his ears checked, the noise actually started before any instrument was inserted into anyone’s ears. It was just the appearance of the implement that started him off.

So I believe I can safely say that my son was traumatised by the experience of having his infected ear looked at while in Melbourne.

Would you agree?


Well I’ve signed up for holidailies… and today is the first of the entries.

Not much in the way of festive preparation going on down this way. I’ve bought some Christmas presents, but I really do struggle with this, every year, it is the same old story. I think birthdays must be slightly easier, because you’re only buying for one person.

Today mum and I went grocery shopping and we decided to take Elisha to get his hair cut. Oh. My. Goodness. Last time he was fine, a little unsure, but pretty okay. Today. He screamed. And then screamed some more. Yep, that was my son screaming down Bull Creek shopping centre. Strangely enough he kept his head fairly still, so the hair cut continued.

It is amazing what a difference a hair cut makes to his appearance!