It’s A Screaming Good Life

This afternoon we had a doctor’s appointment. Just some general fluff, and, we all had to have injections. Brett and I for whooping cough, Elisha for pneumonia. Elisha screamed more having his temperature tested than he did having the injection. And he screamed EVEN more when Brett had his ears checked. Yes, you read that right, when Brett had HIS ears checked. Nothing to do with Elisha, other than he was sitting in Brett’s lap.

While we were away in Melbourne Elisha developed an ear infection. I thought he was teething, except his temperatures were getting higher every morning, and he was quite listless, so I took him to the doctor. Who checked his ears. Which must have hurt. Well I surmise that from the reaction that Elisha had. Can you guess? That’s right. He Screamed. Loudly. Later that same week after he had completed his course of antibiotics we had to return to the doctors to get his ears checked just to make sure we were okay to fly in the next few days. Elisha quite happily played in the waiting room. He quite happily walked to the doctor’s office. As he stepped through the door he realised where he was. And turned about face and marched himself right out. And of course screamed when we did get him in there and had his ears checked.

Now when I say Elisha screamed today when he had his temperature taken, that was done in his ear, and also when he screamed while Brett was having his ears checked, the noise actually started before any instrument was inserted into anyone’s ears. It was just the appearance of the implement that started him off.

So I believe I can safely say that my son was traumatised by the experience of having his infected ear looked at while in Melbourne.

Would you agree?

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