Boy, I’m not doing so well with this daily thing. Please don’t kick me off the list. I’ll try to do better. I promise.

Yesterday I didn’t post, because I didn’t even turn the computer on. Yes, you read that correctly. I did not turn the computer on. After church and Elisha’s morning nap we went to help my brother move house.

Moving house. It’s something I love and hate all at the same time. I hate packing because it’s so time consuming and it’s sad to see the house become empty. But I love it because you discover all sorts of hidden bounty, and it is a great opportunity for clearing out all that unwanted junk that inevitably gets stashed in crevices around the house. I think the hate probably outweighs the love though. And I certainly hope that we don’t have to move any time soon.

When we left to come home last night my three year old (well almost three) nephew wanted to go home too. It was very sad. I hope he and his brother settle into their new home very soon.

Elisha had a great time playing with them and the dogs and the sand in the back yard. He spent a long time sitting on the edge of a small hole near the path, just picking up handfuls of dirt and letting the sand fall through his fingers.

The last few nights he has been throwing food and exclaiming “No” quite loudly. This tends to happen if there is food of a type he does not want to eat (lettuce was the one tonight) or he’s had enough. We had to put him in the hall for a time out tonight. Partly because he’d been throwing an awful lot of food, and partly because Brett and I were unable to keep from laughing any longer. How oh, how do you discipline a child when you can’t even keep a straight face. Something to work on I think. The old poker face.

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