My day

I woke up at 7.30 was pleasantly suprised that Elisha hadn’t woken up yet, but pleased.  Rolled over, cuddled Brett for a minute, then a nice leisurely stretch.  Just as I was rolling out of bed, Elisha started calling out, “Mummy, mummy”.  Ah, what a beautiful sound.

He ate his breakfast without spilling anything on himself.  Brett ate with us.  Family breakfasts are a bit of a rarity in our house, so it was a real treat.

Made Brett’s lunch and he was off to work.  Elisha stood at the window and waved to him.  His love of his Daddy is just adorable.

Elisha and I walked down to the shops to pick up some more milk, I talked to him all the way about cars, trucks, planes, birds, dogs.  Anything that I noticed that I thought he might be interested in.  He chattered back, not that I understood much.  But that doesn’t matter.

When we got back home we played with his playdough for a while and mae all sorts of wild and wonderful creations.

He went down for his nap without a fuss and while he was asleep I caught up with all my friends at top50 doing housework in between.  Got quite a bit done.

Elisha got up and we went and had lunch with Gran.

Went for a walk down to the park at the river with Gran.  Love that park.  Took some fabulous photos of Elisha had a blast playing on the equipment.  The playground is one of the funkiest around.

On the way home from Gran’s stopped in at the shops and did the weekly grocery shop.  Came in way under budget which means the rest of the $ go into my spending caddy for what ever I want.  Yay.

All that playing and shopping wore a certain boy out and he was happy almost to go down for a nap when we finally got home.  Got dinner as ready as possible while he was asleep then did some scrapping til he got up.

Waited outside for Daddy to get home from work.  Blew bubbles all around the front yard.  Elisha loves to chase them.  He runs around with his little arms flapping all over the place.  I cannot believe the love that I have in my heart for him… it seems to grow every day.

After dinner Brett and Elisha played while I cleaned up the kitchen.  Bed time for the little man.  Brett and I played boggle and of course I gave him a good whipping.

Bed time for the big people.  Ah.  Sleep.

Then I woke up – it was all a dream… Elisha had been up all during the night, and I was VERY tired.

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4 jobs you’ve done: junk mail deliver, target check out operator, receptionist, book keeper (that’s it)
4 movies you could watch over and over: Forest Gump, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Braveheart & I am Sam
4 places you have lived: Berwick Vic, North Dandenong Vic, Wilson WA & Leeming WA
4 tv shows you LOVE to watch: Alias, Dr Phil, don’t watch tv, don’t know…
4 places you have been on vacation: Hong Kong, Pemberton, Austria, Melbourne
4 websites you visit daily:,, &
4 of your favorite foods: chocolate, ice-cream with milo, watermelon & lasagne
4 places you would rather be right now: In the snow, at the beach, in bed (I think i’m going to take a nap actually), scrapbook shopping
4 bloggers you are tagging: ummm will have to update this later, haven’t got my book marks on this machine yet… ha, and I thought I wouldn’t have any more excuses!