Another day, another year

Well it’s here. 2006. I can’t believe it is ten years since I finished school. Anyway, we wont go there.

2006. I always find the start of a new year a bit surreal. A blank canvas just waiting to be painted. Trying not to take a step wrong and keep it perfect. But really I already know that that’s not going to happen, and probably by February, I will have broken all my resolutions.

I haven’t really made any big resolutions for this year. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

  • Keep going to Curves three times a week, except when there is a public holiday
  • Blog every day except Sundays. Do you think I can do it!
  • Less time online, more time doing stuff (ha ha, but I’ll try, promise!)
  • Get my relationship with God back on track. Been very blah about it the last few years, and that gives me the guilts, which makes it more blah, which gives me the guilts… see where it’s going! So, I just need to get off my spiritual but and take some action!
  • Hmmm, I think that’s about it. Have you made any new years resos?

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