I’m a gunna

I was gunna…
* do a really cool entry
* even include some photos
* set up a new blog with comments… but I can’t be bothered so it hasn’t happened.

This morning after I went to Curves, Nicky and I went out scrapbook shopping while the boys stayed home with the sleeping children. Sadly they didn’t sleep as long as they should have, and were grumpy miss and mr when they woke up.

When we finally returned from our shoping spree it was about lunch time, so we went to Booragoon for lunch and some more shopping. All I wanted was a calendar. But I couldn’t find anything I liked. I think perhaps, I am too fussy. I told Brett he can go and get one. I’ll be happy with it. I think the problme is more that I have to choose one myself.

The kidlets were good while we shopped. Started to get a bit tired towards the end of that trip. Bed time when we got home. MIchaela slept. Elisha didn’t. He was running on empty for the rest of the afternoon.

Dinner was another trip out – to Bernie’s. Still love it. The kids played in the water after dinner; and of course Elisha fell in. He was sopping. But having a ball. It was very cute.

I love driving in the car and listening to Elisha having little conversations with himself. It is just gorgeous. And his vocabulary is exploding at the moment.

*sniff* I don’t have a baby anymore.

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