It’s a plague I tell you

19.  Yes you heard it right.  Nineteen.  The number of flies I have destroyed and disposed of this morning.  I don’t know what is going on but our house is full of them.  Gross, gross and gross.  I’ve got no idea where they’re getting in, but if I find out I’ll be dealing with it.

My apologies for the severe lack of updates lately.   I’ve been busy trying to get my house to a state where I’m happy with it.  But I’ve just figured out that it’s never going to be perfect to my standard, so I’d better get on here and say something.

I’ve well and truly missed Elisha’s 18 month letter, but I’ll give you a few quick updates.

I saw him go down a step unassisted and without holding onto anything a few days ago.

He has learnt to run.

He and Ookie are getting along much better these days, in fact I could probably cautiously say they’re friends.

He is putting two words together occassionaly.

He has two favourite books at the moment. “My Big Word Book” and “The Very Lazy Lion”.  I’m not tired of reading the same thing over and over again, but I do get a bit frustrated with how much time he wants to spend reading.  I try very hard not to let it show though, because I want him to love reading.

His other favourite activities include drawing, playing with playdough, the sand pit and his chalk board.

Well that’ll do for now.  See you soon.  We hope.

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