But not flies this time.  It’s Elisha.  He is nineteen months old today.  He is sitting on my lap “helping” me write the entry.  I will do my best to keep it error free, but please don’t expect too much from me.

hs ago today ELisha Nineteen months ago today Elisha we welcomed you into this world, and praised God for the safe arrival of such a wonderful gift.  When I think about you then, and think about you now, there are obvious differences, but it is not until I look at the newborn of a friend (there seem to be quite a few of these around at the moment) that I realise just how much you have grown in nineteen months.

To celebrate your nineteen monthday you swallowed a plum seed at lunch time.  Let’s hope that is all we hear about that.

Two weekends ago you started swimming lessons.  And you loved it.  Daddy is the lucky person who gets to go in the water with you.  There are five other children.  They have all had swimming lessons before so they are leaving you a little behind at the moment.  A good thing that peer pressure is not a part of your social world yet.

You are putting two words together in quite freqently now.  I think a couple of times you have even managed three.

You are still loving books with photos in and I have managed to locate a few more that are board books so you are free to look at those ones whenever you want.  The all time favourite – big word book – is paper and spiral bound, not a particularly good combination with a small boy.

The weekend just past we had Nicholas and Jack stay over for the night.  You were so excited and kepty kissing and cuddling them.  They were not impressed.  But I thought it was cute.  Having three small boys in the house was no small feat.  I can’t imagine doing it every day.  At the same time I would like you to have younger siblings.  It would only have been five weeks to go now if little Newbie had not gone to heaven.  Sometimes I get melancholy, but you always snap me right out of it.

You love life, you love experiencing everything, touching it, tasting it, using all your senses.  And although this gets you in trouble sometimes I hope that you do not lose your curiosity.  I want to help you to find ways to epress it without being considered naughty.

Hmmm.  I spose it is time to start thinking about second birthday parties.  Nearly.

Oh, and I managed to get the flickr badge in, but I can’t figure out how to alighn it to the right of the sidebar… anyone got some hints on that?

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  1. Have a look at where you pasted the flickr badge’s code, and change this line:

    #flickr_badge_uber_wrapper {text-align:center; width:150px;}

    to this:

    #flickr_badge_uber_wrapper {text-align:right;}

    Nice to see you updating again 🙂

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