B.A.D. spells bad

Elisha is really into letters at the moment. It all started with his favourite book “My Big Word Book”, which has a page with the alphabet on it. I’d point to the letters and say their names as we went through them all. Now any time he sees writing anywhere he points and says the letters that he can think of. One day I showed him how to write his name. He spent the next couple of days trying to convince me that every written word was Elisha. Quite often I catch him walking around the house saying letters.

Yesterday in his ramblings he spelt (or is that spelled?) bad. *sigh* He’s so smart. *rolls eyes* Yes, yes, I’m being melodramatic.

2 thoughts on “B.A.D. spells bad”

  1. What a smart little guy you have! And just as cute too! Sean is 2.5 and he sometimes gets a few letters right, but mostly it’s just luck. But! He can identify the Yak and the Wombat and other obscure zoo animals, so I guess we all have our talents, eh? I’m still searching for mine.

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