Gobsmacked, almost and Gobsmacked, fully.

The last 24 hours have not been fun in our house last night while Brett was making dinner, Elisha started crying. Brett was trying to work out what was wrong with him as it was completely out of the blue. But Elisha just kept crying. Jokingly I shouted out to Brett that perhaps he should stand back because… “Bleh” went Elisha.

I spent the night on a matress in Elisha’s room. Every time he made any sort of noise or movement that could possibly be interpreted as leading to “Bleh”, there was a bucket shoved under his chin.

Much healthier today, thank goodness.

But the reason I was almost surprised by him was this afternoon. This morning he had a nice three hour nap, but was looking a bit tired again this afternoon, so I put him in his room to play, and closed the door. A while later he managed to open the door and wander on out. He came, looked at me, and I asked him to go back and play in his bedroom. He turned around and hightailed it back in the direction of his room. He must have made it all the way to his bedroom door before he figured out what he was doing. I really thought he was going to go and play.

And what has really surprised me however is this:

Little Scrapbook Shop
I still feel a bit surprised every time I remember. Looking forward to this new venture in my scrapping life.

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