A Question of Probability

If I was to plan to go out with my lovely sister-in-law Cathy, and I drove to her house to pick her up, and we went out to my car, and I put something in the boot, and turned to get Elisha to put him in his car seat, do you think the probability of someone coming around a corner in a van, on his mobile phone, crossing onto the wrong side of the road and smashing into my car and sending me flying through the air is higher or lower than me winning Lotto?

Darn, knew I should have bought that ticket.  😉

So that is my exciting story for the week.  I am so thankful to God that it happened exactly the way that it did.  If anything had have been slightly different then it would have been so much worse.

  • 5 seconds earlier and I would have been facing the car, which would have been very bad for the baby
  • 5 seconds later and I would have been putting Elisha in the car
  • If Cathy hadn’t have been with me then Elisha would have been behind the car with me
  • If the other vehicle hadn’t just come around a corner then he probably would have been going much faster
  • And if I hadn’t been there at all, then it is highly likely that instead of hitting my car, he would have hit the car of the lady with her two children and friend in her car, who were coming the other way and witnessed the whole incident.

The Long Cuddle Good Night

Last night was a long ‘un. About half-past twelve, Elisha decided that sleep was for the weak and decided to wreak havoc in his cot. I then stupidly decided that perhaps he would be happier in my bed, seeing as there is all the extra room with Brett away. Stupid move Mummy! You know when you are in that half way between awake and asleep place. Yeah, well I went there pretty quickly, but someone else didn’t. And it wasn’t until about FOUR o’clock that I realised Elisha hadn’t gone back to sleep and neither had I. Needless to say he was hastily returned to his cot, where havoc re-ensued but only for a brief moment. Tonight, no cuddles.

Poor Brett

He’s gone on a flying visit to Toronto, Canada for a conference, and what does he do?  Manages to get a cold.  Hey honey, hope you find a chemist quickly!  (Yes I am finding every possible way to nag him… he needs it :)     )

I wonder if I can e-mail him via the hotel.

Yes, I am still alive!

And hopefully now I will be updating a bit more frequently. There are several reasons for my protracted absence though they all stem from the one reason. We’re having another baby! Anyway first my lengthy confusing list of reasons for not writing til now.

  • Last year we lost a baby at fourteen weeks
  • This meant that I didn’t want to tell some people we were expecting until we were past that milestone.
  • If I hadn’t told these people, I didn’t feel that I could tell the world.
  • Oh, and I’ve been as sick as anything and didn’t feel like updating.

Yesterday we had another obstetric appointment and everything is wonderful. I am sixteen weeks pregnant and we are expecting the newest addition to our family to arrive some time around the twentieth of December. I am hoping to be home for Christmas (hear that babe!)

Brett and I have started talking names for the newest Adams’ family member, a couple of nights ago we were also including Elisha in the discussions just for a bit of fun. Just about every time we would make a suggestion he would say, “No”. On two occassions however he changed what he said, and the combined result is rather humourous.

“No Mercy”

“No Peace”

Looks like Elisha’s sibling is in for an interesting time. (Oh and just in case you are worried we were considering those for middle names).

I’m going to leave it at that for now. I know it’s not much, but got other stuff to do, including making a few changes around here…

Be back soon though, I promise.

Oh, by the way, if you can think of a good nickname for the baby til he or she arrives, we could do with the help.