Deep Impact

Not the weekend just gone, but the weekend before we went away for a few nights.

We went to Lilly Pilly Cottage in Gidgegannup.  It is a farmstay run by a family and we lived in a little cottage on their property.  We had a beautiful time.

Elisha obviously enjoyed himself.  A few days ago when waking from his nap he didn’t call out to be let loose immediately.  Rather I, also having a rest, overheard him talking to himself.  “Chickens, chickens, cows, two cows… baby cow, big cow!”

Even this morning out of nowhere he started talking about some of the animals on the farm.

I will attempt to add some photos a little later.

The Bristle of the Matter

Yesterday Elisha was trying to get something off the computer desk and it was juuuuust out of his reach. He stretched his little arm as far as it would go, right up to the armpit, stood on those cute little toes and gave it everything he had.

Without success.

What he did manage was to bump his chin.

He came to me crying. “Mummy! Hurt beard!”

I may have laughed.

‘Tis the Party Season

How lax of me to not mention that Elisha turned two!  He managed this marvellous feat two weeks ago.  And all his little friends from playgroup are also turning two.  It really is party time around here at the moment.  We went to Riley’s party yesterday and today is Cameron’s turn.  Then in a couple of weeks we’re having the combined playgroup party.  Not to mention that Elisha had TWO parties.  Brett and I are feeling quite partied out, but Elisha is loving it!

He’s not so keen on the wrapping of presents to give away though.  He wants to keep looking at the goodies.  I think he thinks that he is going to be able to convince me to take it out of the packaging so that he can play with it.