Have I mentioned previously how different this little bubby is to Elisha.  Oh my goodness.  He/She NEVER stops wriggling.  Okay so maybe I am over-exaggerating a little, but they certainly do know how to move.  A lot.

Elisha was not like this at all as far as I can remember.  Still 13 weeks to go and already I’m getting huge kicks that really take my breath away.  Again Elisha didn’t do this at all.

And Elisha is now a very active little boy.  I’m wondering what the future holds.  Does a more active pregnancy mean a more active child.  *baby kicks to make point*

I think things are slowly starting to slide into the third trimester… I am getting tired much more quickly, I’m waddling, especially if I’ve had a busy day, I’m getting emotional to the extreme again, and everything is starting to hurt.  Not at the stage where I’m ready for it to be over yet.  Give me a couple more weeks.

In all seriousness though I do not want the baby to come just yet.  Much prefer a fully baked one.

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