Had an ob appointment yesterday.  The next one is in THREE weeks.  Ummm, I guess I’d better get someone’s room ready.

Things are really starting to roll on.  Then again, give me a few more weeks and I’ll be telling you how slowly time is draaaaaggging by.

In other news there was another Yikes at our house today.

I had the Mums’ Tuesday Bible Study group over today and decided to finally whip out the mop and clean up a sticky substance from under Elisha’s table (which I think has been there a couple of months and has attracted much dust). Then I decided while I was at it why not just give the kitchen a quick mop too.

Brett spied me doing this and made some comment and I continued on with what I was doing.

Five minutes later, I’m in our bedroom, Brett’s in the kitchen, and I hear an almighty yell (yes it was a swear word) and a huge crash.  I’m convinced Brett had fallen down into one of the sunken areas of the house.

Fortunately he hadn’t.  The crash was just Elisha tipping out his Duplo (phew).  Unfortunately, he’d slipped on the wet slate – having forgotten that it was wet.  We’ll find out tomorrow from the physio if any serious damage has been done.  I really hope not.

Do you think this is a good excuse to never mop again?

Oh, and HAPPY 21st Kate!

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