Unexpected, and Yet Not Unexpected

I had rather a surprise when I got up this morning.  Got up to the sound of my son calling from his cot.  It was a bit too early for me to want to get up with him and I was going to the lounge room to get some books for him to read in his cot.  “I’ll be back in a second,” I whispered as I walked past his bedroom door.  At the end of the hallway I found the surprise.


Not. In. His. Cot.

I guess operation “Move to Big Boy Bed” has been brought forward.

Actually the first time Elisha called out “Mummy!” this morning I could have sworn he was outside the bedroom door, but then after that the sound came from about the right distance away.  Obviously I’m not all that good at telling what direction a sound is coming from through a closed door.

Boy am I glad we had already made the decision to move him to a bed and not to get another cot.

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