Silence Means Soggy Toilet Paper

I should have learnt the lesson long ago. When things get quiet, don’t wait to go check it out.

This morning Elisha was playing in the WC in the laundry. He was putting little pieces of toilet paper in the bowl. This is his version of actually using the toilet.

I decided that was enough of wasting toilet paper and removed it out of his reach.

I then sat at the table with Brett who was eating his breakfast (the rest of us may have eaten while he was still sleeping) and all was golden and quiet.

Too quiet.

I retrieved Elisha from our en-suite. Can’t remember exactly what he was doing.

Later I noticed Brett getting toilet paper out of the linen press and I couldn’t work out why, till I realised there wasn’t any on the toilet roll holder in the en-suite. But there should have been.

I opened the lid of the toilet… and there it was. Revenge. Not little pieces of toilet paper in the bowl, but the whole roll!

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