He Moves on to Bigger and Better Things

While painting Co-Pilot’s bedroom today I overheard Elisha talking to Nan about the moon.

Apparently his was going to, and did reach out and catch the moon.  Cows are old.  Time to extend his goals a little.

Wonder what he’s going to do with it now.

2 thoughts on “He Moves on to Bigger and Better Things”

  1. Hey, the moon could make a fantastic nightlight 🙂

    I have a new pair of Oakleys at my house too *L* I was going to auction them off on ebay but…….Bert seems to really want them back *LOL*

  2. That is a good idea!

    I can’t say that taking them will teach him a lesson, because he’s lost so many pairs I know it doesn’t work.

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