Still in One Piece

Though the house is slowly crumbling around me.  I’ve turned into an absolute sloth… takes me forever to do anything.  Must be pregnancy hormones.  At least that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So I am still around, just not very active.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear anything much until co-pilot arrives.

We have an ob appointment this afternoon, and after that should have a bit more of an idea of what is going to be happening.

Elisha is playing outside this morning.  Brett dressed him and he wanted to put his little canvas boots on.  I just caught him standing in the waterfall.  Cheeky little thing.

Don’t Forget to Write to Santa

I have used this site to e-mail Santa for Elisha the last couple of years, and it is awesome.  The e-mails are replied to personally by volunteers and it’s so much nicer than an automated response.

It doesn’t open until the 1st of December, but I thought I’d give you early warning so you can bookmark it and get ready.

Can’t believe how close Christmas is getting.  How goes your Christmas shopping.  I think I’ve got about three presents left to get, plus one for bub, but that one has to wait til I know who they are.  🙂

Breech Baby

Co-Pilot certainly likes to keep us guessing.  Two weeks ago at my previous obstetrician visit he/she was for the first time head down, bums up, ready to go.

Today however, we’re back to heads up.  And that’s all I have to say about that!

My Turn Will Come

The ladies in my Due In December forum are starting to pop… and I am so jealous.

I know, I know, my turn will come, but could it please come tomorrow.

Seriously though, as hard as I am trying to not complain I am finding it near impossible to do.

Where is my Cheeky Little Boy?

Elisha is just not himself this morning.  He woke with a fever and has pretty much been laying around since he got out of bed this morning.

Panadol has eased the fever.  Will wait and see how he fares for the rest of the day before making a decision about the doctor.

I am hoping that whatever it is is not contagious.

What Happened?

Well there I was with a broken blog and so much to say.  Now that it is fixed the creative juices seem to have stopped flowing.

Had an obstetrician appointment today… guess who’d being a good little baby.  Yes, we are head down.

Scrap Attack!

Just got back from Just Scrapbooking.  Had a great time, although didn’t accomplish all that much for four hours worth of scrapping.

He's What (layout)

My Two Best Men (layout)

Although the quantity is not high, I am quite happy with the result.  They are using products from The Little Scrapbook Shop.

Speaking of the Little Scrapbook Shop, I am green with envy of all the girls meeting up at the Sydney Paperific or Paper Craft Festival or whatever it is called.  Perhaps I should scrap some more tomorrow to try and get rid of the jealousy.

I’m Pooped

Today, I have decided, was my last full circuit at Curves for quite some time.  I’m pretty proud of myself for having made it so far and so consistently through the pregnancy.

I’ll still be going.  I’ll use the bikes and maybe jump on the circuit and do some of the arm machines if it is not too busy.  I know if I don’t go there then I wont do anything.

Can’t believe it is nearly down to six weeks ’til co-pilot arrives.  Eeek.

Much to be done before then.