Some Things Elisha has Been Saying

Why is it he decided to get funny while the blog was broken? Now I have to remember everything.

* Auntie Cathy was looking after him and he wanted her to go and play with him. He didn’t ask very nicely so Auntie Cathy asked him what the magic word was. His response? “C’monnnnnn Auntie Cathy”.

* First thing heard from his bedroom upon his waking a few mornings ago. And said very proudly too. “BIG FART!!!”

*Elisha found Brett’s Bert (from Sesame Street) stuffed toy.  Bert has been hidden in the back of the linen press as one of his arms is hanging on by about three threads.  Elisha was absolutely enamored by Bert and I could see trouble brewing, knowing that I was going to have to separate the two of them.  So I explained to Elisha that Bert was sick and needed to stay in the cupboard.  Could I please have him.  At this stage I was just preparing him for the inevitable and not really trying to remove Bert from him.  The next thing I know Elisha is in the laundry trying to get into the trough.  I ask him what he is doing, and he looks at me as though I’m very slow and announces that Bert is sick and needs a bucket…. “Blah”.
Well, I’m having trouble remembering, so might have to edit as they come back to my poor colander-like brain.

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