Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I’m amazed at how much I’ve forgotten about having a newborn in the house.  Been wondering to myself if you forget as much the third time round, after getting such a shock the second.

No, it hasn’t really been that bad, just lots of long feeds and quite a bit of unsettledness (is that even a word?).  But have started taking steps to build a feed, wake, sleep routine, and it seems to be working already and it’s only the first day.

But then again that could be the antibiotics in the breast-milk.  Yes, antibiotics.  I’ve managed to develop an infection.  Not too happy about that.  But at least it looks like we’ve caught it early.

Would you believe we actually went to the doctors’ two days in a row.  First day for Cayley, whose eyes had been gumming up and I wasn’t sure if it was conjunctivitis or a blocked tear duct.  Being that it is her eyes, and therefore eyesight that we’re talking about I didn’t want to risk anything and did the overprotective, over-anxious parent thing and off to the doctor.  Blocked tear duct.

Next day was my turn.  For the infection.  Blah.

So far Cayley has been bathed at night.  Until a couple of days ago, when it had been too long since her last bath, and we decided to bathe her in the daytime.  Of course someone else decided that this looked awesome.

Baby? Bath

Note the splashes on the wall behind him.  About one minute, maybe not even, later he was no longer in the bath, as he was told not to splash, but the temptation was just too great.


After fighting it with all she was worth, little miss finally gave in to sleep.  And not just a little bit.  She was gone!

Hoping I’ll be back and bright and bubbly in the next few days.  I’m wanting to do a few comparisons of Elisha and Cayley at the same age, in pictures.  Should be an interesting look see.

What You’ve All Been Waiting For

Some photos. In fact lots of photos. Lots and lots of photos. You could probably call this a photo post. I hope you don’t get bored easily.

Right from the very beginning of this pregnancy Brett and I were hoping for a natural delivery. And at the same time we knew that there was a good chance it wouldn’t happen. So for quite a few months we had the 15th of December pencilled in as a possible c-section date with the obstetrician.

By the time of my appointment on the 11th of December, I was, to put it as nicely as possible, completely over being pregnant. What with constant pain in my pelvis, regular heartburn, general discomfort with being as huge as a beached whale, a very, very active baby, insomnia, hot weather, swollen feet that looked like some weird balloon, legs that needed help getting into and out of bed and the car, I was crying myself to sleep (in the spare bedroom) just about every night.

So when the ob said that there wasn’t a glimmer of hope that the baby was even having thoughts about making an appearance, but we could wait another week and see… I confirmed the booking for the 15th.

Keeping it secret this far had been hard enough, but now that the date and time were certain it was even more difficult. Especially when we bumped into friends on Thursday night and had dinner with them! But I managed.

Come Friday morning 1.30am, I was wide awake. Come 2.30am I had given up on sleep and gotten up. Come 3.30am I was amusing myself by scrapping and taking pictures of myself in a desperate attempt to keep busy.


About 5.30 I woke Brett, finished my last minute packing and got ready. 6.00 and Mum and Dad A. arrived, and we were off. It was quite surreal, knowing this was the last little while of being pregnant.

Got to the hospital about 6.30, shown to the room and all the final preparations made. Can’t quite remember what time we were taken down to theatre, must have been about 7.00. Then it was action stations and once taken from the holding area to the actual operating room things really start going quickly.

The longest part of the process is the anesthesia – a spinal block – not the most pleasant experience having that done, but a necessity, wouldn’t want to have a caesarian without one. Once that was done and the Dr Blair had started it felt like it was all over in a matter of minutes. I wont go into gory details, but if you’d like to know them feel free to ask, and I’ll e-mail them to you.

At 8.07am our little one entered the world. As her head was being pulled out, the anesthetist said to us, “It’s got black hair”, and I really thought that he was joking. But then there she was, black (or brown) hair and all. Cayley Hope. Our daughter. And a sister for Elisha.

It's a girl!

After a very brief introduction she was taken over to the warming table and checked over by the paediatrician. I wasn’t taking my eyes off her.


Brett got to cut the cord, and he managed to do it without attempting to bleed her out, as he tried to do with Elisha. Experience is a good thing.

Cutting the cord

And then finally, finally, she was in my arms.

In my arms at last.

By this time I had developed the lovely side-effect of the spinal block – the shakes – they lasted for about three hours, and would have to be the worst part of the whole experience. I had this with Elisha’s birth, but they only lasted ten to fifteen minutes, and were nowhere near as severe. It was so bad this time that my jaw was clenching, making conversation rather difficult.

After everything in surgery was finished, and I’d been in recovery for a little while, waiting for my blood pressure to get back up a bit, it was back to the ward where all the vital stats after birth were recorded. The lovely, not so little lady measured up as follows.

Apgar scores of 10 & 10 (or was it 9 & 10? I’ll have to check).
Weight: 8lb 9oz or 3910grams
Length: 53cm
Head Circumference:37cm (for which I should be thankful I did not give birth to naturally as this is rather large)

Wigh in time

After all the stats were done it was time for a bit of a feed. I didn’t end up feeding her for all that long as I was still shaking and having been up so long was very, very tired, and the combination made me a bit scared that I might drop her, so she got put back in her crib for a bit of a nap. Being born is hard work don’t you know.
Meanwhile, my mum had arrived. I think she was in the waiting room when I got brought back from theatre. Very eager to meet her new grandchild and check that everything was okay with her daughter. Also got a visit from Heidi who had been in the labour ward for some monitoring.

As well as visitors, we started the job of calling people to let them know the newest member of our family had arrived. First of course was Elisha, but he didn’t want to talk on the phone, so we passed the news onto him via Nan and Pop. After shopping for a present for her and having morning tea they also arrived, and Elisha got to meet his new sister.

Elisha meeting Cayley

Cayley had “bought” Elisha a present for when they met, but he was so fascinated by looking at her that it was quite a while before the present was unwrapped.

We were moved to a single room about now. Cayley had some more sleep and then Brett got a cuddle.

Elisha meeting Cayley Brett gets a cuddle

And now we are a family of four.

A few more (quite a few) photos from the hospital stay through to going home, but with a shorter commentary now.

I know this is not actually a very good photo, but for some reason I just love it. And so here it is.

All eyes on Cayley

Oh my goodness, I really hate this photo of me, still got a BIG post pregnancy belly… but hey it’s the way it was (or is that is?) and at least everyone else is looking good (…and don’t we look pleased with ourselves?). Actually for the day after having a baby I don’t think I look too bad!

Proud parents

Sleeping peacefully, first bath, cuddles with her brother.

Sleeping again
First bath
Cuddles with Elisha

And some more cuddles a couple of days later. Who’s looking rather cheeky and then rather relaxed?

Cheeky boy, watch out Cayley Chilling out with his sister

Brett’s effort at a family portrait, seeing as we hadn’t had one yet. Pity about Cayley’s head.


Cutest face ever! I do love it when she pulls this one. It makes me giggle every time.

So cute - look at that tongue

And this is how I spent the entire supposedly romantic candlelit (at 6.30pm on a daylight savings day in summer) dinner. How DO you do romantic with a newborn?

Romantic Dinner?

In her home-coming outfit.

All dressed to go home

Precious cargo. I do believe Brett was rather nervous driving home.

Precious cargo.  Drive carefully!

Oh my, how big does she make the cot look?

Small girl in a big cot

Thank you for making it all the way to the end. Here’s one more just to make you sigh.

Awwww... *sigh*

Oooooh, Look an Update!

But sorry, no photos just yet.

Yes I have returned to my (ir)regular blogging schedule (which is probably going to be even more so now.

I have also managed to change the ticker at the top of the page.  So there is progress being made.  Slowly but surely.  Don’t forget that apart from having a newborn, and a toddler, it is also that crazy time of year otherwise known as Christmas.  Hope you’re having a great one.

I promise some photos in the next few days.

But for now you’ll have to make do with the letters I wrote on the eve of Cayley’s arrival.

Dear Elisha,

Today was your last day as the only child of this family. Strange to think that you really don’t have any idea what is about to come into your life. We have shared the news of the baby and the idea of the change that is coming, with you since we first knew that the baby was on the way. You have been to most of our obstetrician appointments and quite enjoy seeing your little brother or sister on the ultrasound monitor.

Your opinion on whether it is a boy or girl changes quite frequently, and quite obviously with the order we ask the question in most of the time.

We’ve checked that you are able to say the names we have picked, and they sound so cute coming from you.

I’m sure that there will be times in the future where the sound of your sibling’s name coming from your mouth will not be so sweet. It is my hope and prayer that the time of adjustment to having a brother or sister is short and not too painful for all involved, and that you come to share a special bond with this new family member.

The thought of me being in hospital for up to a week without you is quite foreign and a bit scary for me. I’m sure you’ll be fine and probably be having so much fun with daddy, grandparents and others looking after you that you wont even notice I’m not there. Singing your lullaby tonight was bittersweet.

To think that two and a half years ago it was you we were waiting for. The time has flown by so quickly. There is no more baby any more. You are a little boy, and growing bigger every day. I hope that you enjoy teaching your brother or sister some of the things that you have learned.
Well my little man, tomorrow morning you will, Lord willing, have a little brother or sister. And they’re coming to stay. We will love you none the less.

Hugs and kisses,

Dear Co-Pilot,

I can’t believe that tomorrow is d-day and you will finally be here. I am so looking forward to meeting you. It feels like we have been waiting forever, even though it has been the standard amount of time one must wait to meet their newborn.

Carrying you has not been easy the whole way through, but I am thankful for every day that you have been able to stay inside and grow, getting ready, growing big and strong to come into the outside world.

There are many other people who are looking forward to meeting you too, your brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so many others. Every time someone has seen us still together lately, they’ve expressed surprise and disappointment that you haven’t yet arrived.

Even though being pregnant with you has been hard these last few weeks I am still a little sad that after tomorrow I am going to have to share you. It wont be just you and me any more. But more than sad I am excited that I will finally find out who you are, and start the process of learning all about you.

You are a gift from God to us, and it is my prayer that you will always know how much we love you and never, ever doubt it.

Well I am afraid this is only going to be a short letter as I just can’t concentrate any more, getting much too excited about tomorrow.

See you then.

Love and hugs and kisses

Co-pilot revealed…

This is just a quick entry to announce the arrival of Cayley Hope Adams. She arrived 8am Friday morning (15/12) via C-section (I forget how to spell Ceaser … Caeser? Ceezer? … SiezeHer!). Her stats: 8 pounds 9 ounces, 37cm noggin (ouch! good thing it was a Cesah), 53cm long?, a nice crop of black hair, and NBA allstar material averaging 7.3 rebounds and 9.2 assists. I’ll bring home some publicity shots from the hospital after my next visit.

Needless to say, we’re very thankful for the safe arrival of the munchkin and look forward to watching her grow and learn about all the stuff on the outside of her mummy, and the God who knit her together and loves her with an undying love.

Tara is well too 🙂

Oh, and Anders, yes I know this one is a girl, but we decided against “Plutonia Queen of the Atom People”. It didn’t fit on the birth certificate. Sorry.

A Very High Baby

I was talking to someone on the phone this evening and mentioned that the baby is still positioned quite high.

After finishing the call, Brett told me that Elisha had responded to that comment by looking up and suggesting that perhaps the baby was on the roof.

Okay, the baby is high, but maybe not THAT high.  That would be a slight exaggeration.

Was going to scrap tonight, but have decided to put my feet up and watch a dvd with my lovely husband.