Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I’m amazed at how much I’ve forgotten about having a newborn in the house.  Been wondering to myself if you forget as much the third time round, after getting such a shock the second.

No, it hasn’t really been that bad, just lots of long feeds and quite a bit of unsettledness (is that even a word?).  But have started taking steps to build a feed, wake, sleep routine, and it seems to be working already and it’s only the first day.

But then again that could be the antibiotics in the breast-milk.  Yes, antibiotics.  I’ve managed to develop an infection.  Not too happy about that.  But at least it looks like we’ve caught it early.

Would you believe we actually went to the doctors’ two days in a row.  First day for Cayley, whose eyes had been gumming up and I wasn’t sure if it was conjunctivitis or a blocked tear duct.  Being that it is her eyes, and therefore eyesight that we’re talking about I didn’t want to risk anything and did the overprotective, over-anxious parent thing and off to the doctor.  Blocked tear duct.

Next day was my turn.  For the infection.  Blah.

So far Cayley has been bathed at night.  Until a couple of days ago, when it had been too long since her last bath, and we decided to bathe her in the daytime.  Of course someone else decided that this looked awesome.

Baby? Bath

Note the splashes on the wall behind him.  About one minute, maybe not even, later he was no longer in the bath, as he was told not to splash, but the temptation was just too great.


After fighting it with all she was worth, little miss finally gave in to sleep.  And not just a little bit.  She was gone!

Hoping I’ll be back and bright and bubbly in the next few days.  I’m wanting to do a few comparisons of Elisha and Cayley at the same age, in pictures.  Should be an interesting look see.

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