Australia Day

We went to the beach for breakfast this morning. It was fabulous. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures. I managed in a very, very small way to dress both of my children appropriately.

Okay you say, I can see Elisha is wearing yellow and green, but what’s this appropriateness with Cayley? (You may need to enlarge this next picture)

Actually it was a fluke that Elisha was in yellow and green. Just so happened to be the t-shirt I pulled out.

Another Point (or Billion) In Her Favour

I’ve just had a big serve of smiles from my little girl.

She’s been responding in a manner to our silliness for the last week or maybe even two (things get a little hazy under sleeplessness) and every now and then I’d think, “Hey that was a smile… or was it?”

But what I just got, no doubt about it at all.  And before six in the morning.
I’ll go resume being a puddle of mush on the floor.

Scrap Space

I’m feeling bad that I haven’t managed to scrap anything to share for the last few days, so I’ll share where I scrap instead.

Oh, as a side note, I HAVE been working on a layout, and it is very simple one, but just haven’t managed to get it together enough to finish it. Tonight maybe.

So here it is… where I create (on a neat day).

I Hope It Is, But I Hope It Isn’t

We’ve decided to find out if Cayley has an intolerance to dairy products. Aside from the random crying episodes, and lots of bringing up of feeds, she has also developed a rash which is growing rather than getting bigger. It’s not huge, but enough to make me think that perhaps something is going on.

I hope it is a dairy intolerance, then we might be able to make her a bit happier and less distressed especially after feeds. It’s awful feeding her knowing that she’s going to be upset when she is finished.

I hope it isn’t a dairy intolerance. I love my dairy, and if it is, then I have to start a no dairy eating plan. No milk, no yoghurt, no ice-cream, no chocolate… and plenty of other things I’m sure.

I’ve started trying to remove dairy from my diet already. Tonight we made pita bread pizzas. No cheese on mine. Pizza is just not the same sans cheese.

Oh this is going to be so good for my weight loss.

Lets Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m going to add a little picture of a toy or a design of an item of clothing at the start of every post; well I will if I am organised enough. I was thinking about how many cute clothes Cayley has been given and how it is highly unlikely that I will ever take photos of her in everything, and from there the idea was born. I wont necessarily write about the picture and it wont have any relevance to the post, just a strange or pretty (depending on the day) extra for you to look at.

Today I am a bit stuck for what to write about again. And I have come up with another idea. I’m going to scan a random photo from my massive pile and just write a couple of thoughts that pop into my head about the photo.

Brett &TaraThis is a fairly old photo of Brett and myself. I can probably date it roughly. See the writing on the collar of my top. Mariners World. I worked there from October 1996 til sometime late in 2003. Brett and I started going out in 1998, which is also when I started growing my hair out. My hair is looking a bit in between really short and a length of any significance, so perhaps this is 1999 some time.

I think it must be too late. I’m sure when I first picked the photo out of the pile I had lots of ideas of what I could write about, but all I’m pulling from my brain at the moment is a big lot of nothing.

The fact that I’ve been settling Cayley for about an hour probably doesn’t help. She’s asleep now. Think I might go and do the same thing.

I Used An Expletive But It Was Appropriate

Today was the first time I ventured out of the house with our two children, by mself. I say our, as I’ve done two children before, just not ours. It was great. But I cheated I guess. I decided to go to story time at the local library, and I arranged for the glorious Debs to come along as well. That way I’d have an extra pair of hands if they were needed. And they were, but only for little things, Elisha was a little tired and hence excitable.

I managed to pack all the paraphernalia into the car, add two children to the mix and we were off, and right at the time I had wanted to leave. Cayley had just been fed and Elisha had eaten some morning tea. We were set.

Rather proud of my effort I was in the process of unpacking said children and paraphernalia from the car, if memory serves me correctly I was putting Elisha in the pram when I was hit by a missile from on high. I’m afraid I swore. But like I said, it was appropriate. Yes, I got pooed on. Got rather a nasty fright actually.

Got a wipe out of the bag and removed the offending matter from my arm. It wasn’t til later in the library that I looked at the backpack and noticed a drip of something on it that I realised… there was also some on my back! Was able to get Sheryl (who had also come along, but this was coincidence, not planning) to remove this offender.

When we got home from the library there were two parcels sitting on my doorstep.  One was my prize from the Top50 December Sketch Challenge, and the other was my Stamping Up order.

In the scrapping parcel were some foam noodles.  I gave them to Elisha with some card and a gluestick.  I’m quite impressed with the result.

I’ve Created a Monster

When Elisha gets his hair cut I just love spiking it up.

He however does not love me spiking it up. Or so he pretends. It’s turned into a bit of a game. I ask him if I can spike his hair and he tells me that I may not. And I generally leave it at that. But if we’re going out or doing something special then I try a little harder.  I think he likes the fact that he has a say in whether I do it or not.
This morning I thought it would be nice if he had it spiked up for church. So I kept asking and he kept denying permission.

As a last resort I pulled out the container of wax and told him that I was going to spike his hair up. Permission still denied. So I went to put the wax away. And was promptly told not to put it away, he had to have his hair spiked up.

This is not so much the monster part.

What is, is the fact he then stands in front of the mirror to check out the job I’ve done. Feel it to see how it is spiking. When laying down to get his nappy changed sit up suddenly because you can’t squash spiked hair. And frequently get caught during the day checking the style with his hands after he thinks something might have happened to it. I swear for the first few minutes after I first spike it up, he walks with more of a strut.

He does look so cute with it spiked though. Just don’t tell him I said so.

Oh, and here’s a layout I did about Christmas. Sadly, a bit of a dodgy scan, but of course I’m too lazy to do anything about that.

How Could I Forget?

I just turned to Brett and told him that I couldn’t think of anything to write.

First he gasped with mock horror. Then he suggested that I tell you what Cayley did last night.

She went eight and a half hours between feeds! I must have been pretty tired, because I didn’t even really notice that she hadn’t woken up for a feed.

It would be nice if she did the same thing again tonight.