A Big Surprise, But a Pleasant One or Two

Uh Oh - LayoutAnother winner! This time at Anna’s Craft Cupboard, for their December product competition. The challenge was to use foam stamps. The title and orange swirls are the required item in this layout.

Actually these photos are quite funny. Elisha has a toy baby, and a toy kitchen. Put the two together, and you don’t get the baby being fed dinner, you get the baby being microwaved!

I wonder what Elisha has in store for Cayley. Now that I think of it, it was the frypan from this kitchen set that he chose to hit her on the head with. I think I was the most upset over that incident. Cayley whimpered for all of two seconds, Elisha ended up in his bedroom because he didn’t want to apologise, and I had a cry. I’ll just blame it on hormones.

We had a visit from the Child Health Nurse this afternoon. Cayley is stacking on the weight, which is very nice to know seeing as she seems to be throwing up all the time.FattyBoomBah

Cayley’s weight statistics:
15/12/2006 – 3910grams
18/12/2006 – 3630grams
21/12/2006 – 3860grams
02/01/2007 – 4500grams

I think we could be in for this look again… —>

Too big!Quite amazing really how much difference nearly two years makes, and yet how much the same he still is.

Here he is today in a toy that was his and I’ve pulled out to use with Cayley. I think I’m going to have a hard time breaking it to him that he doesn’t fit anymore!

2 thoughts on “A Big Surprise, But a Pleasant One or Two”

  1. Congrats on your two wins…I really should check out other sites…but never seem to have any time. Glad to hear Cayley is growing nicely – just think if she continues growing at least she won’t fit in the microwave!!! LOL!!

  2. Congratulations Tara – sorry it’s so late, I’ve been away for a while 🙂 Little Cayley is just adorable. Love Elisha’s baby in the microwave LOL!!! They are both really alike in those side-by-side photos aren’t they? Especially the first one – it looks like the same baby!!! I hope your settling in to being a mum of 2 – sounds like you are. I know you’ve probably got advice coming out your ears BUT when Lily was newborn her eyes used to get a bit sticky – one was quite bad, at each feed I used to squirt some breastmilk into her eyes (I know it sounds gross) and it worked almost straight away.

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