December was the Month of the Moth

I can’t remember exactly how it came about that Elisha decided he didn’t like moths. A month or so ago, I’m sure he loved them. Ah, but toddler love is fickle.

I think it happened one night when we were putting him to bed. There was a tiny little moth flying around his bedroom and he ordered Daddy to, “Catch the moth!”. Which of course daddy did. But then, “Let it go!”. Which of course daddy did.

After singing and praying he wanted the moth to be caught again. I’m sure daddy would have complied but the moth was gone. Vamoosed. Disappeared.

In a possible attempt to stay out of bed he became overwhelmingly upset and agitated stating over and over in near hysteria, “I don’t like moths, I don’t like moths”.

This has been repeated (though the urgency has diminished somewhat) every night since. As well as not liking moths he has invented the “Catch a Moth” dance move, which involves lots of flitting around and snatching at pretend moths in the air.

A week or two after the dance move was coined, and it dawned on him that telling us he didn’t like moths was pretty much like crying wolf, he decided on a new tactic, which was to have a moth in his hair. Which daddy has to catch and remove every night.

I love this pretending, I can see we are going to be in for a lot of fun.

Last night I thought we had gotten away without a single mention of the moths. I turned out his light and started down the passage way. “Don’t like moths!”, followed me down the hall.

ps: I am going to try and convince Elisha that to do his “Catch a moth” dance move for the camera would be a really fun thing to do. And then I’ll show the world. Or at least anyone who reads this blog.

2 thoughts on “December was the Month of the Moth”

  1. oh, that’s so cute!! they will try anything wont they..
    i hope you can catch it on video would love to see it.

  2. You really must buy him the game “Elefun”. Its available in most department stores and its this elephant that blows butterflies out of its trunk and you have to catch them! Lots of fun!

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