I Think I Must Be Sleep Deprived

Last night Elisha stayed at Nan and Pop’s place.  We tried to ask him some questions about his time there, but every single question was answered the same – “Yeah”.  So no real enlightenment on what he did while away.  As nice as it was to not have to entertain him for an extended period it was even nicer picking him up.

Thanks Nan & Pop!

We went to Carousel shopping centre to meet up with some uni-day friends of Brett’s.  By the time we’d had lunch and yarned, it was well and truly past Elisha’s bed time and we decided to forgo the nap for today.

Went to Medicare and sorted out some more bills, added Cayley to the card and all that new baby jazz.

On the way home Elisha was looking like going to sleep, so we decided to take a long way home so he’d have a little bit of a rest.  We, ahem, went past McDonald’s, got a thickshake (should have got a regular, not a large) and some cookies for Elisha, just in case he woke up.

As we were just about to our off-ramp on the freeway Brett asked me if I needed anything from the scrapbook shop.  I answered, “No”.  WHAT!  What was I thinking.  HELLO!!!! Never give up an opportunity to scrapbook shop.  Think I might need a bit more sleep.

I did however suggest a stop at our local shops, and I picked up a scrapping magazine and a movie for Elisha.

So Elisha has now watched his first movie.  The Tigger Movie.  And he actually sat and watched the whole thing.  And when it finished… he wanted to watch it again.  Perhaps daddy can take him to the cinema after all.

Cayley is still a bit unsettled, it’s now 24 hours since I took my last antibiotic, still hoping that it was related to that.

3 thoughts on “I Think I Must Be Sleep Deprived”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! no to a stop at the scrapbook shop, i think you may definatly need some sleep, if that doesn’t help i would call the doctor right away!!! LOL!
    i hope cayley settles for you, hopefully like you said it was just the anti biotics/.

  2. erm and had a visit from Debs and Romilly…


    don’t you want everyone to know we’re friends?!?!!?


  3. Hi Tara, Thanks for visitig my blog…Seems like you had a busy day, nothing better than to sit down and watch the tigger movie!! (its so cute). By the way I love your ‘Oh oh’ page, those piccies are priceless 🙂

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