I Did It!

Little Loser

Have actually managed to get a bit creative with my scrapping supplies.  Okay, it’s not much, but I’m proud of having actually completed something.

Am part of a group of ladies at The Little Scrapbook Shop trying to lose a few of those extra kilos.  As incentive Narelle sent each of the members the same number of flowers as kilos that they’d like to lose.

And this is what I’ve done with mine.

Am quite pleased with my loss so far, okay I know I cheated, I lost a whole baby and all the associated stuff that goes with that, but I’m now under my pre-pregnancy weight, and for three weeks and one day, I don’t think that’s too bad at all!

Must say, I’m absolutely looking forward to getting back into things at Curves.  But a few more weeks until that is allowed.

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