Twinkly Crinkly Whoopsy Book

Maisy's Twinkly Crinkly Fun BookThis is Maisy’s Twinkly Crinkly Fun Book.

I bought it from Total Learning from my friend Karen.

She brought it with her to morning tea after the baptism yesterday.

I gave it to Elisha to read while I was opening the presents Cayley recieved.

I did not read it to him first. I did not offer any explanation of the book to him.

He sat around the corner on the step to the lounge room and quietly read it.

I busily opened presents.

WhoopysA while later I peeked around the corner to take a look at him.

He was looking for the horsie?!!

I think he thought that the squirrel’s tail was a horse.

I’ve ordered another copy of the book from a different friend who does Total Learning. At least it is on special this month.

Poor Elisha was so confused.

I’ll make sure I sit down and go through the book with him when the new one arrives.

I had to laugh though. And was not in the least angry with him. I mean, how COULD you be angry with this?


3 thoughts on “Twinkly Crinkly Whoopsy Book”

  1. Oh Tara – he really is adorable, I can see how it would be hard to be cranky with him ; I had to laugh a couple of posts back when you said Elisha and Cayley were playing tag teams with their sleeping – that’s exactly what Lachie and Lily did for a few months. When I think about it they would have hardly seen each other through that time apart from first thing in the morning and at dinner/bathtime LOL.

    Cayley looks gorgeous in her baptism gown.

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