Some Elisha-isms and More Book Stories

Since his haircut last week… “Don’t touch my haircut”, everytime someone pats him on the head. This morning Brett got a “Don’t kiss my haircut”.


Looking at the front cover of a Jamie Oliver cookbook… “Mummy!”


In his book Mimi the Selfish Kitten there is a woodpecker on quite a few of the pages. Elisha is quite fond of the woodpecker. On a trip to the library with Brett, they were playing with some of the building toys. Daddy was instructed to build a snail which he did. Elisha grabbed another piece added it and announced, “Woodpecker snail”.


Another book Elisha is loving at the moment, much to Brett’s chagrin (it’s a pretty bad story) is The Land of Toys. In this book Ken is bored with his toys and doesn’t want them anymore so they get sent to the land of toys. But Ken ends up there and rescues them. The idea is to make the reader think about looking after their toys. For the last couple of days Elisha has been putting his toys away. It really is quite strange. The last line of the book is, “Where do you think your toys go when you don’t want them anymore?”.  When reading the book yesterday Elisha hurriedly assured Brett that he puts his toys in their box.  I guess that even though it is an awful book, it has had a positive impact on the state of our lounge room.

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  1. Oooohhh, that book sounds great to me – if it means a tidy lounge room – he he. Elisha sounds absolutely gorgeous with his protectiveness over his new haircut. Hope you are having a great week 🙂

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