I’ve Created a Monster

When Elisha gets his hair cut I just love spiking it up.

He however does not love me spiking it up. Or so he pretends. It’s turned into a bit of a game. I ask him if I can spike his hair and he tells me that I may not. And I generally leave it at that. But if we’re going out or doing something special then I try a little harder.  I think he likes the fact that he has a say in whether I do it or not.
This morning I thought it would be nice if he had it spiked up for church. So I kept asking and he kept denying permission.

As a last resort I pulled out the container of wax and told him that I was going to spike his hair up. Permission still denied. So I went to put the wax away. And was promptly told not to put it away, he had to have his hair spiked up.

This is not so much the monster part.

What is, is the fact he then stands in front of the mirror to check out the job I’ve done. Feel it to see how it is spiking. When laying down to get his nappy changed sit up suddenly because you can’t squash spiked hair. And frequently get caught during the day checking the style with his hands after he thinks something might have happened to it. I swear for the first few minutes after I first spike it up, he walks with more of a strut.

He does look so cute with it spiked though. Just don’t tell him I said so.

Oh, and here’s a layout I did about Christmas. Sadly, a bit of a dodgy scan, but of course I’m too lazy to do anything about that.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Created a Monster”

  1. HI Tara,
    I must appologise…..
    I owe you a RAK. I’ve been away and now (after cleaning up and trying to be organised!) I can’t find your address!
    Email me back and I will have it in the post ASAP!

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