I Used An Expletive But It Was Appropriate

Today was the first time I ventured out of the house with our two children, by mself. I say our, as I’ve done two children before, just not ours. It was great. But I cheated I guess. I decided to go to story time at the local library, and I arranged for the glorious Debs to come along as well. That way I’d have an extra pair of hands if they were needed. And they were, but only for little things, Elisha was a little tired and hence excitable.

I managed to pack all the paraphernalia into the car, add two children to the mix and we were off, and right at the time I had wanted to leave. Cayley had just been fed and Elisha had eaten some morning tea. We were set.

Rather proud of my effort I was in the process of unpacking said children and paraphernalia from the car, if memory serves me correctly I was putting Elisha in the pram when I was hit by a missile from on high. I’m afraid I swore. But like I said, it was appropriate. Yes, I got pooed on. Got rather a nasty fright actually.

Got a wipe out of the bag and removed the offending matter from my arm. It wasn’t til later in the library that I looked at the backpack and noticed a drip of something on it that I realised… there was also some on my back! Was able to get Sheryl (who had also come along, but this was coincidence, not planning) to remove this offender.

When we got home from the library there were two parcels sitting on my doorstep.  One was my prize from the Top50 December Sketch Challenge, and the other was my Stamping Up order.

In the scrapping parcel were some foam noodles.  I gave them to Elisha with some card and a gluestick.  I’m quite impressed with the result.

4 thoughts on “I Used An Expletive But It Was Appropriate”

  1. Taking the two children out together unaided sure takes a while to get used to. I don’t drive and so taking mine out involves a bus trip which they love but getting two kids, a double pram, assorted bags and myself onto a bus and remaining sane is a real effort for me! Though I do feel so empowered after a successful trip …. that is until the next time LOL

  2. Hey – just caught up on your blog…you have been busy! Love the spikey hair post and lovely baptism photo’s.

  3. Isn’t a bird leaving you a present like that s’posed to be good luck?

    Congrats on getting out and about with both kids!! Its not easy the first time!

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