I Hope It Is, But I Hope It Isn’t

We’ve decided to find out if Cayley has an intolerance to dairy products. Aside from the random crying episodes, and lots of bringing up of feeds, she has also developed a rash which is growing rather than getting bigger. It’s not huge, but enough to make me think that perhaps something is going on.

I hope it is a dairy intolerance, then we might be able to make her a bit happier and less distressed especially after feeds. It’s awful feeding her knowing that she’s going to be upset when she is finished.

I hope it isn’t a dairy intolerance. I love my dairy, and if it is, then I have to start a no dairy eating plan. No milk, no yoghurt, no ice-cream, no chocolate… and plenty of other things I’m sure.

I’ve started trying to remove dairy from my diet already. Tonight we made pita bread pizzas. No cheese on mine. Pizza is just not the same sans cheese.

Oh this is going to be so good for my weight loss.

2 thoughts on “I Hope It Is, But I Hope It Isn’t”

  1. Oh your poor baby 🙁

    My little man had severe reflux as a baby and it was awful. We thought it was partially dairy intolerance as well but he didn’t improve after removing it.

    Hope you get it sorted, it’s horrible when babes arer not happy.

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