Scrap Space

I’m feeling bad that I haven’t managed to scrap anything to share for the last few days, so I’ll share where I scrap instead.

Oh, as a side note, I HAVE been working on a layout, and it is very simple one, but just haven’t managed to get it together enough to finish it. Tonight maybe.

So here it is… where I create (on a neat day).

2 thoughts on “Scrap Space”

  1. Nice space! Very neat and tidy. No way I’m sharing my space pics!! I just can’t seem to capture the chaos in photos!

  2. Oh Wow, can I come over and play at your house!!!! I’ll try to be tidy, honest I will…

    Oh Tara, thanks for sharing, I love sticky Beaking at other peoples scrap space… I’ll have to post some picy’s one day… You’ll laugh yourself silly…

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