I Love My Parcel Post Man

Now I just have to teach him to deliver when Brett isn’t home.

Yes, my latest order and DT package arrived from The Little Scrapbook Shop today.

It was very exciting to receive such a good box.  Now if only it was full of scrapbooking supplies.  Truth is, there were a couple of storage items in there, which is why it was so big.

She’s No Dummy

For a few days now Cayley has been discovering her hands. She will bring it up near her face and stare at it. It looks as if she’s thinking… “Is this me?”, “Did I do that”, “Wow”.

Today however, she learnt all about sticking her thumb in her mouth. I have to say, she’s a mighty quick learner. I heard a strange sucking noise coming from where she was, so went to take a look. Pulled it out, she put it back in, pulled it out, she put it back in.

I went to phone Brett. Elisha stayed by Cayley and kept pulling it out, she just kept putting it right back in.

The result of the phone conversation with Brett,

she can have a dummy over thumb any day.

Richard Beeston

At church on Sunday Richard Beeston spoke to and sang for us.  He’s very talented, and we enjoyed his music so much that Brett bought a cd from him after the service.

Sunday afternoon we listened to the cd.  About three bars into one of the songs that he’d sung at church Elisha announced, “Same”.  Amazingly he recognized it that quickly from the morning service where he’d heard it sung once.

Guess he was listening intently too.

That Thing You Do

On Thursday at Girls’ Brigade I gave my girls a colouring in competition to do on the night to fill in a bit of spare time. The picture is of GeeBee our mascot, and a baby on a scale. It is Girls’ Brigades’ 80th birthday this year and in WA we are hoping to raise money for new scales for Princess Margaret Hospital.

I had some spare copies of the colouring sheet left; and over the weekend I gave one to Elisha to colour in.  Except instead of colouring it in, he added a couple of things that were missing from the baby, namely, poos and spews.  Brett and I had a good laugh.  Elisha obviously has a particular impression of what babies are all about.

The Beginning of Us Part 1

Thought I might share the story of Brett and I for a few days, while I collect other material to write about… that is wait for my children to do something that I can tell you about.

I knew Brett for quite a while before there was any attraction between us. My family started going to Bull Creek WPC in about 1995. There is some debate between Brett and myself as to when we first met, but that’s not really all that important, because of course, I’ll be right.

It wasn’t until the end of 1997 was nearing that I started to notice that Brett was watching me on the sly. I’d quite often catch him looking at me, only to look away when he noticed that I’d noticed.

I was nineteen and convinced I’d be a spinster forever. I’d never had a boyfriend, unless you call those two day whirlwind romances in year one an “official” boyfriend; I was never going to have a boyfriend, I was going to grow old by myself, a lonely old bitty. Melodramatic I know.

It was about the same time that I’d noticed Brett noticing me that a two people, on two consecutive days asked me what it was that I was looking for in a potential husband. My only answer was that I wanted someone I could share my love for Christ with. The other minor details like appearance and what have you weren’t so important.

The next day was a church luncheon, and at some stage during proceedings Brett and I got talking and he asked me what I’d been reading. Now being the sly girl that I can be sometimes, I knew perfectly well that he meant what had I been reading in the Bible, but I gave him an answer about the general reading that I’d been doing. He listened most politely and then asked more specifically what I’d been reading in The Word.

*Ding, ding, ding* … alarm bells went off in my head. Here was someone interested in my walk with God.


I’ve talked a bit about a similar incident on another occassion.  A few days ago Elisha had a run in with our electric toothbrush.  I know, I know how dangerous can a toothbrush be.  Fairly apparently.  He grabbed it off the vanity in the en suite, but not well enough and it dropped, missing the floor and hitting his foot.  It didn’t have a head on it at the time and the spike poked a fairly decent sized hole in his foot.

Blood all over the carpet.  Which incidently I got out using the green Enjo cloth just in case you were wondering.

I had already told him earlier in the day that he could watch some of his Thomas the Tank Engine dvds in the afternoon, and after the injury seemed like a pretty good time to do this.

It wasn’t until later in the evening just after dinner that he realised it hurt to walk on.  Daddy had to carry him everywhere.  And then after shower time he decided that bandaids, love and kisses just weren’t going to cut it.  So he sat on the bed with his foot in the bucket.

Because Mummy has a bucket when she feels sick.

A True Boy

Elisha had a bath at nan and pop’s on Sunday evening.

There were some new bath toys three or four plastic boats.

The red one was given the most play time.
It goes faster, don’t you know?!