A Small Step, But In The Right Direction

We’ve started potty training!

This is a good thing as I am hoping to send Elisha to three year old kindy in term three, well, if there is a place available.

We talk to him about potty training frequently and I know that he understands the concept.  He has a potty with Winnie the Pooh characters on it and this means that Elisha is rather fond of it.  But he has pretty much stated in toddler language that he is more than happy to continue using nappies.

But a couple of days ago at shower time he decided to sit on the potty sans nappy.  And he did something in it.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, my son passed wind in the potty.  Of course we got all excited for him in the hope that this will encourage bigger and better things.

Did I say small step.  Make that miniscule.

I use the term passed wind as I know the f**t term I use does not sit well with some people I know.  They know who they are.

While we are on the topic of wind, I have to share another funny story about Elisha.  I know I said he understands the concept of using the potty, but he has no idea what a f**t is.  I say this because every time he does one while naked he looks around behind on the floor to see where it is.  He hasn’t found one yet.

3 thoughts on “A Small Step, But In The Right Direction”

  1. at least that particular f-word sounds like what it means… (if you say it right, that is – with a broad aussie accent).

    can’t wait until ashlinn’s in knickers – but i think i’ve got a while…

  2. Woo hoo – great start! Eliza is pretty much in knickers now (except for sleeps) – and she entirely knows what a f**t is – she thinks they’re hilarious…. but let us know if Elilsha finds one one day LOL!

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