What is Your Opinion?

Can an eight and a half week old baby dislike the dark.

After almost every late night feed I try to close Cayley’s door and/or turn off the hall light, and almost every time she starts crying. When I open the door or turn the light back on she stops.

Guess we’ll have to invest in a low watt light bulb.

Took Elisha to an indoor playground today with a couple of his little friends. He had a great time. Sadly of the few photos I took only two worked out properly. Camera was doing something strange.

I would have taken more except I forgot to take socks for myself, so I couldn’t go into the playground with him. And Cayley was rather attached to me for much of the time.

6 thoughts on “What is Your Opinion?”

  1. I think if it works then do it.

    My dd had a really low watt globe in her lamp from relaly young. She was the same about the dark. It also meant I could sneak in and check her without waking her up with a light.

    Honestly whatever works……….;)

  2. ashlinn’s had a nightlight from the time she was a couple of weeks old. for a while it was because it was a comfort to her, so we hung it above the cot (you know, the extension cord draped over the side), but a couple of months later we moved it to under the cot so she only gets a very soft glow, but it stops us from walking into things when we go in there in the night…

  3. Yep – I reckon if it works…then do it!

    Your camera and mine must be in cahoots! Mine is playing up too (or maybe it’s operator error on my part 🙂 )

  4. We have a dimmer switch in the nursery that we turn on when we go in for a feed. With Cameron we used to leave it on at its dimmest, then after a while switched to a night light, one which you could adjust the glow. Adam doesn’t need a night light so far but if he seems to want one at any stage he can have one!

  5. Try using a red globe in the lamp like they (used) to use in a photographic darkroom – you can buy them at a hardware store. You can still see where you’re walking and what you’re doing etc, but the light is less intrusive. Leaving the light on actually interferes with the body’s production of melatonin – the hormone that regulates the body’s biological clock and can actually affect the sleeping patterns. I know that’s probably far more info than you wanted left on your blog 🙂 Sorry!!

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