Back Into It

Girls’ Brigade starts tonight.  Now that everything is back to the normal routine it will be interesting to see how we all go.

Our weeks are fairly full, Tuesdays is Mothers’ Group Bible Study, Wednesdays are shopping, Thursdays Girls Brigade and Sundays church.  I remember having to not go out too much with Elisha, but somehow don’t think that’s going to happen for Cayley.  I guess she’s going to have to learn to sleep wherever we happen to be.  Oh and of course if we want to go to the library that is normally Monday or Friday.

Our house has been looking so nice and tidy, I think perhaps I didn’t think I was going to cope all that well with two kiddies and so I have been overcompensating.  But now the overcompensating is becoming a routine and it’s working out nicely.

2 thoughts on “Back Into It”

  1. Would you like to come and overcompensate at my place 😆 ???
    Love your group hug photo and the”hard @ work” LO! Didn’t see it go up at LSBS – must search it out and leave a comment!

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