What Type of People Are Reading This Blog?

Checked some stats to do with my blog today.

Had some interesting search hits for February.

Search term Count
bloggedissue 2
christening card 2
“some may own castles on the banks of the rhine” 1
brett,elisha cayley 1
christening 1
how much time did it take to build the first airplaine 1
lilly pilly farmstay 1
signature suite scrapbook layout 1

Okay, so most of them make sense. But the last one…

what to do if I swallowed a plum seed 1

… has me a little worried. Someone’s going to start growing a plum tree out of their ears I believe.

Edited to add:

Writing this entry reminded me that I’d had an interesting search hit once before, so I went back to find it.

eating toilet paper 1

Now I’m even more concerned.

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