I’ve talked a bit about a similar incident on another occassion.  A few days ago Elisha had a run in with our electric toothbrush.  I know, I know how dangerous can a toothbrush be.  Fairly apparently.  He grabbed it off the vanity in the en suite, but not well enough and it dropped, missing the floor and hitting his foot.  It didn’t have a head on it at the time and the spike poked a fairly decent sized hole in his foot.

Blood all over the carpet.  Which incidently I got out using the green Enjo cloth just in case you were wondering.

I had already told him earlier in the day that he could watch some of his Thomas the Tank Engine dvds in the afternoon, and after the injury seemed like a pretty good time to do this.

It wasn’t until later in the evening just after dinner that he realised it hurt to walk on.  Daddy had to carry him everywhere.  And then after shower time he decided that bandaids, love and kisses just weren’t going to cut it.  So he sat on the bed with his foot in the bucket.

Because Mummy has a bucket when she feels sick.

5 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. Poor Elisha 🙁 Hope his foot is OK. I’m sure the bucket will make it better LOL. It’s amaxing how their little minds work!

    How gorgeous is Cayley’s big smile. I bet it melts your heart everytime. Won’t be long before the laughing starts 🙂

  2. He is very cute, and just comes out with the funniest most adorable things 🙂
    i hope his sore little foot is feeling better soon!

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