She’s No Dummy

For a few days now Cayley has been discovering her hands. She will bring it up near her face and stare at it. It looks as if she’s thinking… “Is this me?”, “Did I do that”, “Wow”.

Today however, she learnt all about sticking her thumb in her mouth. I have to say, she’s a mighty quick learner. I heard a strange sucking noise coming from where she was, so went to take a look. Pulled it out, she put it back in, pulled it out, she put it back in.

I went to phone Brett. Elisha stayed by Cayley and kept pulling it out, she just kept putting it right back in.

The result of the phone conversation with Brett,

she can have a dummy over thumb any day.

6 thoughts on “She’s No Dummy”

  1. Awwwww….. Tara… she is just so Beautiful!!!!…
    had one thumb sucker and two dummer suckers at our home… and the dummies went much sooner than the thumb… LOL!!!.. anything tho that gives mummy & daddy a bit more sleep… ;o)

  2. Yep – I had two dummy suckers – but only while in their cot, car seat and/or pram – they were never allowed to wander/crawl around with them.

  3. Adam just discovered his thumb today too! It was very cute but I do hope he will stick with the dummy.

  4. I have a thumb sucker who is 8 and a two finger sucker who is 5.5, this next one will be a dummy sucker!!!

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