In Search of Time

I am currently working on an album for the wedding anniversary of the grandparents of a friend of mine. Hmm, that was quite a mouthful did it make sense?

I am looking for something oldy worldy that I can use to show the passage of time, a clock or a sundial or something similar is what I have in mind.

Anyone have something i can borrow? or have? or send me in a good direction. I have about two weeks left to finish this thing.

No Good Photos

We went to Cottesloe Beach this afternoon to see the 2007 Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition. Sadly none of the photos we took worked out very well.

So I decided I should tell you a little bit more about when Brett and I started dating. Last time we ended as we were reeling in the lines… mine came in no problems. But Brett had a rather large problem. Instead of coming in his line started screaming out. Yes folks, while Brett and I had been busy talking a fish had eaten his bait and he hadn’t even noticed.

Instead of packing up and going home there was a fish to be caught. It must have been at least a good twenty minutes that Brett spent letting line out, gaining some back, letting some out, gaining a bit more. At one stage it looked like the fish was going to pull all the line out. But eventually Brett got the fish to the jetty.

And then we realised that it was going to be a bit hard to get the fish onto the jetty. It was pretty big. Usually if I caught something at the jetty you just pull it up and the line is fine. But this fish was going to be too heavy. And I didn’t have a gaff in my tackle.

The only solution we could come up with was to try very carefully to coax the fish to the beach and drag it up out of the water that way. I don’t remember at what stage the men who had tried to blow us up cottoned on to the fact that Brett had a big fish on the end of his line, but they were certainly watching proceedings at this stage.

They were our only witnesses as to the size of this thing. Pity we didn’t get a phone number so we can get them to verify. No one ever believes a fisherman’s story.

So here we are very slowly trying to pull, and talk, the fish up to the shoreline. Fishy is pretty much floating on the surface with exhaustion. We are sure we have it in the bag. But as they say a fish in the hand is worth two in the water. It spied a pylon, swam around it, and then swam away and snapped the line in the process.

Brett’s hard earned trophy – gone.

But it was a pretty exciting night.

And a story to tell about the one that got away.

But he didn’t get away, and I didn’t get away. We’re stuck with each other for life.

More about that some other time.

How Could He Not Get the Job

I wrote to Whirlpool to tell them of my disappointment in one of their products.

They replied the same day (bolding added by me, Tara).

Hello Tara,  Thank you for taking the time in your busy day to write to us in reference to your Whirlpool appliance.  Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and frustration that this issue has caused you.  Your valuable feedback has been appreciated and forwarded to the appropriate department.  If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me again.  Kind Regards, Whirlpool Customer Service

With a name like that there’s no way Whirlpool could not give them the job.

Other titles I thought of for this post:
*What were his parents thinking?
*The teasing at school must have been shocking!
I had some others but they seem to have disappeared. You got one?

Opportunity Taken

I am so excited. I bought something awesome at the op shop today.

Needs a bit of work, but it is going to get it. I can’t wait to get stuck into it.

It didn’t have a price on it, so I asked the lady at the counter. She didn’t know either so went to ask one of the ladies out the back. $25 the answer came back. And then a minute later the lady she’d asked out the back came through with a box and said, “If you buy it you can have this too”. It was a box with dolls house furniture AND LIGHTS. *squeal*

If you know me well, you know that it is not like me to get excited over girly stuff. I think having a daughter is having some side effects on me. I’m loving it.

Anyone know some good dolls house rennovation sites, or furniture shops?

Did You Miss Me

Yesterday was the first day I haven’t posted when I was able to.  I thought about writing something just before I went to bed, but couldn’t think of anything even slightly inspiring.


Went for a spur of the moment picnic to the beach Sunday afternoon. Was great fun. Caught up with some friends, ate simple food, enjoyed the view.

Elisha loves being outside. He was a little disappointed that we didn’t go swimming. Next time buddy, next time.

I’ve been scrapping, and have a couple to share but need to take photos not scan them, so will have to wait for daylight.

So Much Fun

Can’t believe that the photo in this layout is almost from a year ago.  I can remember it so clearly.  And it seems that it was only last week.

We’ve never painted outside and messy like that since then.  Must be about time to do so I reckon.

And although Elisha is bigger and has more control when he’s painting these days, I think we’d end up messier, because he’ll think it’s great fun.

The background paper is on of the many paintings that we made that day.

The Beginning of Us Part 2

The alarm bells went off sometime between October and December of 1997, but it wasn’t until May 1998 that we *officially* started dating.

In amongst the angst of wondering what was going on and if I was imagining things and doing my best to stay calm there were a few highlights.

Brett and I were both part of the Youth Group leadership team at our church. We had regular meetings to organise the weeks ahead. One upcoming activity at the time was a fishing night. Seeing as I worked at Mariners World – a boating and fishing shop – I was put in charge of this week. But obviously a girl can’t go check out a fishing spot all by herself. Another of our friends, David, had recognised the tension that was between Brett and myself, and he not so subtly suggested that Brett be the other person to accompany me. If my memory serves me correctly I do believe Brett was going to offer to help out if Dave hadn’t made the proposal.

So there we were at Woodman Point fishing. If you can call lines in the water with no bites fishing, that’s what we were doing. More like giving the fish a free feed.

The first excitement of the night was when it got dark. Or maybe it was dark when we got there, I can’t remember that. We’d brought a gas lantern with us but when we tried to light it it was doing really strange things that freaked me out and so we were just going to fish in the semi darkness. There were another two men fishing on the jetty and they noticed our troubles, and one of them reckoned he knew a bit about gas laterns, let him have a go at fixing it.

He lit it, and turned it up full ball.

There was light alright. Huge flames coming out from the connection between the bottle and the lantern. They were so big, I didn’t think that he was going to be able to turn it off again, and I was standing as close to the edge of the jetty as far away from the fire as possible, ready to jump into the water in the case of an explosion.

No explosion perhaps, but almost a few coranaries I reckon.

So we continued to sit on the end of the jetty drowning prawns, and having a good old chat. In fact we got to talking so much that the fishing kind of stopped and we were both just sitting there with our lines in the water and it was getting late. Late enough to decide it was time to go home. We started to reel in the lines…