No Good Photos

We went to Cottesloe Beach this afternoon to see the 2007 Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition. Sadly none of the photos we took worked out very well.

So I decided I should tell you a little bit more about when Brett and I started dating. Last time we ended as we were reeling in the lines… mine came in no problems. But Brett had a rather large problem. Instead of coming in his line started screaming out. Yes folks, while Brett and I had been busy talking a fish had eaten his bait and he hadn’t even noticed.

Instead of packing up and going home there was a fish to be caught. It must have been at least a good twenty minutes that Brett spent letting line out, gaining some back, letting some out, gaining a bit more. At one stage it looked like the fish was going to pull all the line out. But eventually Brett got the fish to the jetty.

And then we realised that it was going to be a bit hard to get the fish onto the jetty. It was pretty big. Usually if I caught something at the jetty you just pull it up and the line is fine. But this fish was going to be too heavy. And I didn’t have a gaff in my tackle.

The only solution we could come up with was to try very carefully to coax the fish to the beach and drag it up out of the water that way. I don’t remember at what stage the men who had tried to blow us up cottoned on to the fact that Brett had a big fish on the end of his line, but they were certainly watching proceedings at this stage.

They were our only witnesses as to the size of this thing. Pity we didn’t get a phone number so we can get them to verify. No one ever believes a fisherman’s story.

So here we are very slowly trying to pull, and talk, the fish up to the shoreline. Fishy is pretty much floating on the surface with exhaustion. We are sure we have it in the bag. But as they say a fish in the hand is worth two in the water. It spied a pylon, swam around it, and then swam away and snapped the line in the process.

Brett’s hard earned trophy – gone.

But it was a pretty exciting night.

And a story to tell about the one that got away.

But he didn’t get away, and I didn’t get away. We’re stuck with each other for life.

More about that some other time.

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