I don’t know where to start

So I’ll use some photos… they’ll help me tell the story.  I wont do too many days at a time or it will get very, very long.

Madly packing. Is it sad that I had to pack a seperate case and then some… with scrapping stuff?

Don’t ask me why we decided to take the red-eye flight.  I think it was something along the lines of maybe Elisha will sleep.  Ha.  On the bright side, the plane had come from overseas and so there was a tv screen for every person, which kept the young master rather preoccupied.  We didn’t get a seat with a bassinette, so I had to hold Cayley.  At least she slept most of the way.


Arrived in Melbourne.  After collecting our luggage we went on to collect our hire car.  The hire company had charged us for the baby seats, but neglected to tell their staff they needed to be put in the car, and they were being cleaned still when we arrived.  So we put our luggage in the car, and then went back into the airport to get a light breakfast.  When we got back they’d put the seats in… the wrong car.  So we had to move the luggage.

A few wrong turns later we arrived at the hotel.  Mum and Joshua were in the apartment next to the one we would be staying in, so we crashed on them and all had a bit of a sleep.

Can’t tell you much more about that day.  Much zombie-like-ness going on.

Mum brought Nanna around for a visit later in the day.  Cayley was asleep and after a while Nan announced that it was time to go home, and then Cayley woke up.  So they got to meet.  About five minutes later mum said that she’d take Nan home if she wanted… and a firm “No” was the response.  Someone was very taken with a little girl.  It was very special.

I promise the photos get more interesting than my suitcase.

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