Amazing! or Elisha the Junior Photographer

Those of you who know us fairly well will know that Brett is almost impossible to photograph well. I’d supply a random sampling, but I’d probably embarass the poor guy. No, now that I think of it, he’d probably just laugh. Let’s face facts, I’m just too lazy to do it, but trust me, it is almost impossible.

But look what Elisha did…

Do you think it’s the fact that Elisha is such a good photographer, or maybe that his daddy loves him so much.

I was going to edit the photo a little, but then realised it would be best to show it as it was taken, plus this allows for the telling of another little anecdote.

See all the cotton wool balls on the table? Cayley has such sensitive skin that we now use cotton wool balls and water to clean her when changing her nappy. When on holidays as a toddler you obviously don’t have access to all the home comforts, including toys. I gave Elisha an empty egg carton, and he came up with this idea himself… He got a dozen cotton wool balls and they were his little chicks, and they lived in the egg carton (one compartment each), and he used to feed them out of little bowls. It was very cute.

One thought on “Amazing! or Elisha the Junior Photographer”

  1. I too could supply more than a few choice photos. I’ve never seen one this good :0). As you say, it must have been the person at the other end of the camera who brought Bert to life.

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