Tip for Holidaying with Toddlers

Actually make that a few tips.

First thanks to my friend Karen McG, who got the tip from someone else… a small tub of playdough on the plane… brilliant.  Elisha didn’t actually play with his playdough on the plane but it got a good workout over the three weeks away.

Which brings me to my second tip… op shops.  Don’t pack heaps of toys with you, just find a reasonable second hand store near you and buy some toys.  I bought two little bags of toys for $1 and they were full of all sorts of goodies.  One was all playdough toys including a Playdo pocket knife which is really rather clever, and the other was small characters and animals.  Apart from being cheap it also means that if you don’t have room to take them all home you can just donate them right back to the charity shop.

Third, I have absolutely got to recommend this book, even if it’s not for holidays.  It is called “With Love”.  It is a compilation of 40 reasonably popular childrens books, but they have all been shortened down to 1-4 pages.  This means that if you need a quick story you’ve got one on hand.  But if you’ve got a bit more time, well then you can read a few more.  I purchased mine through a friend who does Total Learning.  If you’re interested in it let me know and I’ll pass on her details to you.

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