Melbourne continued

Well, I thought I’d better get back to finishing off the Melbourne stuff… so here’s another day.

Scienceworks. We didn’t end up doing much of it but what we did Elisha loved. They have a section upstairs for smaller children and this is where we spent our time. It was great. Elisha was allowed to touch any and everything there. Just what he needed after quite a few days of being very restricted in what he was allowed to do.

Here are a few of the photos that are worth sharing.

This pole has a bright yellow button at the top of it, and the button was to power up the digger (see next photo). The digger was quite overrun with older school boys – older as in older than Elisha – and Elisha was quite happy to just watch them and press the button over and over and over. Depending on who was driving the digger at the time Elisha was either ignored or told to go away because the driver felt it was his fault that they weren’t doing much good at digging.

Finally Elisha got to have a go on the digger, and oh what fun he had. He was most reluctant to give up the seat and let someone else have a turn. Good thing that there was so much else to see.

By the way, notice his shoes? The day we went to Ricketts Point and he fell into the water I had to clean his shoes as they were absolutely covered in sand and muck. I don’t know what happened, because I cleaned them both exactly the same, but they are no longer the same colour. Very, very strange.

Daddy’s got him in training now.

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