My Day

Thirtieth of April… still in Melbourne. Brett woke up with a killer headache. I was not happy about this. We had planned to go out to Weribee. I was going to be dropped of at Jude’s with Cayley and he and Elisha were going to go to the Open Plain Zoo. It was my birthday.

The headache cleared away in time for us to leave and I also drove so that Brett didn’t have to. This was a big step for me. Do not like driving in Melbourne, in fact until this trip away I had never dared to do it.

Had a great time scrapping and chatting. Had neglected to tell the girls that it was my birthday, but there was cake anyway and a candle was scrounged up. 🙂

Brett and Elisha had fun. A few great photos. Actually there were a few more photos than this that I would have loved to share, but there seemed to be some weird thing going on with all the boy animals at the zoo… so I wont be sharing any more than these three.

This first photo of the boy and the meerkat completely oblivious to each other is Brett’s favourite.

The second is my favourite. I love how Elisha has gotten right down there to take a look at the meerkat,

and it is not in the slightest distracted from its job of looking out for the enemy… even though the enemy is lurking right behind. Must have learnt that the glass really does work.

The last photo of the group of them standing watching is just too cute.

Brett said they all ran and stood there like that for a minute or two and then broke up and went about doing whatever it was that they were doing before they stopped.

I had a lovely day, and Miss Cayley slept nearly the whole time that Brett and Elisha were at the zoo. Managed to get most of one layout done, and finished a gift for my Auntie Judith and Uncle Peter while we were there… which was just as well because it was getting rather close to the end of our stay.

Rather embarrassed to admit that I forgot to take photos of ALL FOUR of the gifts that I made. They were all small canvases with photos that had been taken during our stay.

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  1. Oh gracious – what fabulous pictures. I can’t imagine being this close to these incredible animals. What a grand time you must have had. Lin

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