My parents had a duck visit them and so we visited the duck. Elisha thought it was fabulous.

This layout done for the 1,2,3 June Challenge which required a bird, acrylic stamp and polka dots. Check, check and check.

heidi swap iron on letters
chatterbox patterned cardstock
heidi swap bling circle
scrappin bug daisy stamp
versamark ink
ribbons and chipboard unknown
machine sewing


Elisha has been going forward in leaps and bounds at swimming. Today he motorboated completely under his own steam, and without daddy hovering nearby. The freedom! He is getting much more confident all round at swimming and it is a delight to watch him having so much fun.

I think his favourite time is probably morning tea though. Jelly and grubs.

He is definitely growing up. And much to quickly for his poor old mother to cope with. I guess asking him nicely wont make him slow down any will it.

Yes, yes, he does need a hair cut. It seems to be almost a constant state of being. I am not a big fan of the long haired little boy look. My mum is, and last time we had his hair cut he was sitting on Gran’s lap, and she was instructing the hair dresser. I forgot about her preference for long haired toddlers. Hence the need for a hair cut so soon after his last one. Okay, it is nearly two months ago, but that is sooner than usual.

Almost every week after swimming Elisha asks Brett if they can go to the play gym at the complex, but the answer has always been until today in the negative.

But today we had our playgroup third birthday party – as one of the families is leaving so we thought we’d have a bit of a bash before they headed off.

Elisha was just so excited that he was going to be allowed in there. And he had a ball.

Literally. And if you take a good look at the photo you’ll see another sign of the fact that Elisha is growing up. That is not a nappy peaking out of the top of his jeans. It’s Thomas the Tank Engine underwear. I guess that’s a sign that he isn’t too big yet either.

And we can’t just have photos of Elisha can we?

Hard Hat Shuffle

This was for a bit of a challenge at Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia. Sharnook challenged us to scraplift a layout from a recent magazine. I lifted a layout from For Keeps… d’oh, I’ve lost the information about what I scrap lifted. If I find it I’ll fix this up. Apologies.

Like A Duck to Water

Today I bought some rice cereal for Cayley. After lunch while Elisha was napping I gae her some. She loved it. Because it was just me feeding her I didn’t think to get any photos. But tonight when Brett got home we fed her again, and got some photographic evidence.

Cayley LOVES food.

There was no grimacing.

There was no tongue thrusting.

There was no spilling or dribbling of food.

The bowl was scraped empty.

And when I told her it was all gone (ie the supply stopped) she had a good old fashioned scream.

I think I’ll make a bit more than two teaspoons for breakfast.

Good Cheap Fun

Just before Easter I bought some really cheap little chickies, cos I was going to make some Eastery stuff. Elisha kept playing with them and annoying me, so Brett put them on top of the fridge. And I forgot about them. So every now and then I give one to Elisha to play with. He loves them.

Have also been fiddling around with GIMP. Think I’ve finally gotten to the stage where I can actually do stuff with it, rather than just sitting there tearing my hair out.


“I wont get filssy,” he announces innocently and convincingly every time he heads outside. Innevitibly he does.

He loves his sandpit, no dirtpit, no the garden. And it loves him. They get together whenever they can.

Photos from 26th May, 2007.

As I have been known to say more than once…

Better late than never. A few sets of photos for things that we did, well a while ago.

Perth Zoo, 23rd of May 2007… playing with the camera, though pushing a pram and chasing/lifting a toddler at the same time doesn’t allow for much play time. We went with Kate and Nicholas and I know I enjoyed myself. I always love the zoo.

Later the same day Elisha was being most co-operative with the camera, which is unusual… so I took it to its full advantage.

And even later that day…

Sweet Baby Cayley

Did a layout just to please myself, but it just so happened to also fit the Scrapbooking Top 50 monthly layout challenge of Bling! again.

Had a bit of an accident while creating this layout. I dropped the butterfly onto the page where I did not want it, but couldn’t get it off, so there it is, and I had to work around it.

Don’t think I was completely successful at getting the page balanced, but it’s not too bad.

The colour in this is not quite right, but the close ups show it a bit better.

That darned butterfly in all its glittery glory.

Stickers and rub ons for the title.

Embellishment cluster.

Most of the flowers on this layout are from Scrapsadaisy. Mmmm, love those flowers.

Products Used on this layout
Bazzill – Pink, White
Most flowers from Scrapsadaisy May and June collections
Fruit Punch Hydrangea blossoms
Double Satin Two Toned Pink/White ribbon, 7mm wide
Prima Got Flowers Small – Pink
Tiny Heidi Swapp bling flowers (?)
Hero Arts bling
American Crafts Chipboard Alphabet Thickers, Hat Box, Pink
Sei – So Bold Cardstock Alphabet Stickers, Pink
Making Memories Rub Ons, Circus, White
Glue Dot Butterfly
Black pen
Oh so sweet patterned paper from bulk pack
Corner rounder for scalloped edge

Old Blog

Been transferring a few of my old entries over… hoping to get them all done eventually. But as I’ve been doing that I’ve been reading some of the older entries. And you know what? I think I used to write more interesting stuff. So I’m going to try and do that a bit more now. We aim to please.

Finally finished a layout that I’ve been working on for a few days… more photos and more detail over at Tara Creates.

Today Kate, Jack and Nicholas came over. Elisha was so excited to see them. He was running up and down the hallway and just couldn’t be still, he was bursting. They had a great time playing together. I was feeling like a good mummy and did gluing, and stickers, and drawing, and cooking and story time with them. I even made them a warm lunch. Okay so it was baked beans and tinned spaghetti with toast but hey, it WAS warm.

From the reading of older blog entries I’ve done a bit of a comparison between Elisha and Cayley. It seems that at six months of age, Elisha was DOING more, but Cayley is ‘SAYING’ more. Cayley rolled over as I recorded a week or so ago, and she has not done it since. I’m really quite surprised, because when she did it she looked like she knew exactly what she was doing, and she wasn’t in the least concerned or excited by what she had done. She is playing with her feet and legs a lot, but no more rolling. The only time she seems to move is in her cot. I lay her in with her feet at one end, and when I go to pick her up she is quite often much further up the cot. Which means I can’t be lazy and leave any bits and pieces up in the top of her cot any more.

Her skin is still terrible. It just flares up so quickly and once it is sore and red and yucky, it is just so hard to get it back under control again. I have a little bit of 0.05% steroid cream, but I am very loath to use it on her face. It takes a few good days of consistently remembering to lather the moisturiser on at absolutely every opportunity before it comes good again. The poor little thing. It obviously itches very badly. Scratching is one thing she has definitely learnt. Sometimes when the eczema is particularly bad just looking at it makes me want to cry.

We still haven’t really started solids. I have been put onto the theory of baby led weaning by the child health nurse, and we are trying this out, though with no apparent success so far.

The biggest factor so far in getting her to have a bit of food is that she seems to like sleeping a lot in the afternoon. I guess I’m just going to have to try a bit harder to get her to be awake for a bit of eating.

I am off for an allergy test tomorrow. For some reason or other I seem to have developed some very strange food intolernaces since having had Cayley, so going to go and get this checked out. Having a vega test, which is not medically proven, but mum swears by it, so going to give it a go. My brother Josh had this test done when he was younger, and through diet his childhood asthma was for the most part controlled.

Anyway don’t want to scare you all off with too massive a post. See you some time again soon.