Family Resemblances

Oh my goodness. This picture of Elisha is just so much my mum. It is amazing.

It’s funny you know, people often tell me how much like my mum I look, but I can’t see it. My sister-in-law Cathy says that people tell her she and Brett look alike. I can’t see that.

But when I see the children of friends, and even more so friends and their children who I don’t see all that often, the resemblances are often amazing. Like little clones of their parents walking around.

Another thing that is a little bizarre is that Elisha has taken very much after my family, but Cayley after Brett’s. I wonder what will happen if number three ever enters the picture.

I’ve also been thinking about this in a spiritual sense… do I resemble my brother Jesus? Um, no. I fail every day. Good thing my Father loves me so much.

5 thoughts on “Family Resemblances”

  1. Such a sweetie :O) I’m the same, I’m often really stunned when people say that one of my children is like me because I just can’t see it.

  2. What a georgeous pic of Elisha! Can’t wait to see that one scrapped.

    I’m with you…I can’t see much resemblance between my family members, until I see a photo. I’m a clone of my Mum and Ella is one of me. Those genes will live forever I think!! 🙂

  3. Hi Tara,

    Was just looking around your blog because I am hoping to start my own and had a laugh to myself because I saw the picture of Elisha and thought, far out, that is Tara’s mum, scrolled down and saw your comment! So right you are!

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