Another Tag

I got tagged by Bec, so here goes…

  1. Name three things that scare you: Mice, the thought of people falling down the steps at our house, other drivers.
  2. The daggiest thing in your music collection: Some really shonky christmas music
  3. Your three favourite clothing items: jeans, my hooded jumper, grey jumper
  4. Your partners most annoying habit: Answering questions with a question
  5. What stresses you out: TTrying to remember everything I need to do. Lists are my best friend
  6. Your favourite household chore: Rearranging things
  7. If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for: Kids’ clothes
  8. In my next life I would like to come back as: Me
  9. Your least favourite celebrity: Tom Cruise – he annoys me for some reason.
  10. I choose to tag: Anyone that hasn’t done this one yet and wants to.


Thanks Bon!

A – Age: 29
B – Bed size: Queen
C – Chore you hate: Drying dishes
D – Dessert you love: Baked cheesecake
E – Eggs, favorite kind: Barn laid (makes me feel a little nice to the chickens, but cheaper than free range)
F – Favorite actor(S): No idea… I’m hopeless with this sort of thing
G – Gold or Silver: Gold
H – Height: 165cm
I – Instruments you play: Piano, but not much good
J – Job title: Mum
K – Kid(s): 2 Elisha and Cayley
L – Living arrangements: Mortaged brick and tile… hubby, 2 kidlets, cat and some fish
M – Mum’s name: Diane
N – Nicknames: Tarz
O – Overnight hospital stay other than giving birth: High blood pressure while pregnant.
P – Phobia: Mice
Q – Quotes: I don’t know why I thought of this one but… “I’m fat, you’re ugly, I can go on a diet”
R – Right or left handed: Right handed
S – Siblings: 3 big little brothers
T – Temper: Not really
U – Unique habit: mmm, nope
V – Vegetable you hate: Brussel sprouts, no wait, broad beans, ooh or maybe minted baby potatoes in a tin
W – Worst habit:
X – rays you’ve had: thumb, toe
Y – Yummy food you make: lemon delicious, potato salad
Z – Zodiac Sign: taurus

Elisha Little

Today Elisha was supposed to be having a nap.

But he wasn’t.

I had put him back into bed/his bedroom on more than one occassion. Finally I realised that it was a lost cause and so I told him that he could play in his bedroom for a while.

I could hear him playing quite happily. It was very sweet.

All of a sudden he started shrieking, and not playing either, I could just tell from the sound that SOMETHING was wrong.

I jumped up and ran down to his bedroom.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” I asked him. Looking at him you wouldn’t have thought anything was wrong at all.

“The house is falling down, the house is falling down,” he screamed, very distressed.

He was sitting on his miniature merry go round.

I gave him a big cuddle and buried my head in his shoulder so he couldn’t see me laughing.

Many in the Bed

Just a quick one I whipped up this morning. And I do mean quick. I started and finished it before Elisha got out of bed.

This is another one for Little Scrapbook Shop, so most if not all of the products used to make is will be available there.

LSBS Products used
* Around the Block 12×12 Paper – Spunky
* FTI Medium Brads – Tropical (25)
* Vellum Stickers – Red/Orange Swirls
* Doodlebug Design Rub On’s – Alpha, Party Mix Lily White
* American Crafts Stickers – Thickers, Champagne Light Green
* American Craft Rub Ons – Mini Marks, Flourishes Two Multi Color
* MM Kids Trim
* Reminisce Stickers – Boys Gone Wild epoxy stickers
* Urban Lily Rub On’s – His

other – black pen

Look what we made

July was my month for the step by step at Little Scrapbook Shop. But I cheated and got the other DT members to give me a hand. I’m so glad I did. The final result is just gorgeous. Don’t forget to go over to Tara Creates for more info if you’re interested.

In other news, there is still a lot of work going on in our back yard, but I want to save all the photos for one big progressive picture post, so you’ll just have to wait.

Cayley is becoming less and less of a baby, it is just amazing and so much fun to watch her grow. At the moment she is loving making noises and ‘talking’ to people. In church on Sunday she was happily chatting away to all the people sitting behind us and it was way past her naptime. In fact she got so happy (and loud) that I had to take her out.

Elisha continues to grow too. I cannot believe that my firstborn is going to be three in one weeks time. What a privelege and blessing it has been to have him in our lives.

In My Arms @ Last

This layout was created for the Little Scrapbook Shop Design Team Challenge. Cath challenged us to attach flowers in a different way to normal.

I used a lot of small primas and attached them originally using a little bit of dimensional magic, but then sewed over them with the sewing machine.

A couple of close ups for detail.

Products used:
*bazzill – pink and green
*small primas
*prima hydrangeas
*FTI Rub Ons – Designer Skinnies, Flowers Pastel
*American Crafts Chipboard – Alphabet Thickers, Hat Box Pink
*prima leaves

Most of these products are available at The Little Scrapbook Shop.


This is a layout for the monthly competition over at Scrapbooking Top50 Australia. The theme this month was nature. No photos of people allowed. And although this photo doesn’t have any people in it, the journalling is about my Oma, who has pretty much lost her ability to remember and to communicate. This photo was one among many that the story behind is most likely lost forever. I hope that my scrapbooking will save some stories for future generations to enjoy.

Products used
*all three pp are very old papers from the bottom of my stash, I have several of the mulberry/fibre type paper with the metallic embossing on them and I love them.
*gold brads
*flowers are from scrapsadaisy june kit
*Tim Holtz distressing ink
*font is foofala

Chipboard Tiles

Well it was my turn to do the step-by-step for Little Scrapbook Shop, and having seen some very cute chipboard tiles done around the place I asked Cath if she was able to get them in.

And she was. I did a non-swap swap with the other Design Team members and… wow

And now I’m hosting a chipboard tile swap. Why don’t you come on over and join in.

Again a big thank you to the other Design Team members for their help in getting this done so quickly.


I just loved this photo of Elisha cuddling up with his teddy bear Cookie. But it was not a well taken picture. A bit of fiddling around with it in GIMP made it passable.

Had a lot of fun with this layout for Little Scrapbook Shop.

Little Scrapbook Shop Products Used
* Urban Lily 12×12 Paper – Baby Lily, Denim
* Junkitz Buttons – Friends
* American Crafts Buttons – Round, Brown
* American Crafts Stickers – Thickers, Eggnog White
* Kindy Glitz – Crystalina
* American Craft Rub Ons – Mini Marks, Flourishes Two Multi Color
* White brad
* Bazzill Blossoms – 3″ Stonewash
* Bazzill Bitty Blossoms – White
* Maya Road Sheer Collection – Blossoms
* MM Brad Value Pack – Crystal Circle
* Basic Grey Elements – fibres
* bling
* swirl clip

Heart sticker,

Text Message

I dared!

This week’s challenge over at Daring Card Makers – We’d like you to somehow incorporate text into your cards this week – not just one word – but a portion of TEXT…

Quite happy with the resulting card from this challenge. And everything I have used is old, very old stash. So doubly pleased with myself.